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Eilidh Milnes

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Former teacher and award winning author, communications expert and coach inspires audiences to boost their confidence

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Keynote speaker Eilidh Milnes delivers presentations focused on spreading positivity and confidence. She uses humour to engage and inspire audiences. With a background in education and psychology she is able to communicate simple solutions for everyday challenges which have led to huge improvements at various organisations. She boots morale and raises productivity.  

Eilidh Milnes (that’s Ay-lee) dubbed Captain Positive is the motivational speaker for confidence. Her programmes boost productivity, resilience and wellbeing both at the professional and personal level.

Eilidh’s a teacher turned motivational speaker, columnist and award winning author. Eilidh is President Elect of the PSA – the premier organisation in the UK for those involved in professional speaking. She has been voted one of the most popular presenters on the speaking circuit today. Eilidh works with clients across UK, Europe and Australia. Clients include BAE Systems, Hochtief, PWC, BT… and people just like you. She helps people to be more confident, boosts morale and raises productivity.

For 20 years, she’s been helping businesses, organisations and individuals develop ‘no-nonsense’ communication. As a result, many have seen dramatic improvements. She offers a fresh perspective on effective communication.

She creates common sense solutions for everyday challenges within business and education – one corporate client reporting a 2.3% reduction in sickness and a 2.71% reduction in attrition following Eilidh’s intervention.

Eilidh uses humour in her interactive inspirational presentations. They are content-rich, building on her education and psychology background. She connects powerfully and plugs her delegates into their emotions by creating an atmosphere of transparency, trust and respect.

See keynotes with Eilidh Milnes

    Speaker Eilidh Milnes Keynote Topics

    • Common Sense versus Common Practice – the keys to creative innovative management.
    • Secrets of Successful Collaboration – how to connect and convince your stakeholders.
    • Stress-proof Your Mind – successful well-being strategies in a fun and informative speech.
    • Uncork Your Survivor Spirit! Creating sparkling teams in good times and bad.
    • See Things Differently! Be enthused and inspired to look at work and life with fresh attitudes.


    Workshops by Speaker Eilidh Milnes

    Masterclasses and Seminars

    • The Silent Profit Stealer – how to improve productivity.
    • Creating Your Cornerstone – how to maximize your mission statement and business vision.
    • Flying from Your Desk – behavioral and cultural aspects of leadership – how to better understand yourself and others   – how to gain the competitive edge in international and domestic markets.


    Our speaker Eilidh Milnes can craft a highly inspirational and content rich, speech, seminar or workshop particular to the requirements your organization and matched precisely to your needs.

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Keynote topics with Eilidh Milnes