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Elliot Kay

Business Strategist & International Speaker
Country: UK

A popular, sought-after speaker Elliot Kay has spoken all over the world and knows exactly how to keep your audience engaged and entertained. Elliot has a passion for the entrepreneurial world and aims to help people achieve success.

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Success comes to those who are humble enough to say “I need help”

Keynote speaker Elliot Kay has helped multiple people and businesses achieve results through his talks and coaching sessions. Elliot is one of the top UK speakers in the industry and he only got there because he wasn’t afraid of asking for help.

Early in his career, Elliot found himself hitting rock bottom without truly knowing what went wrong. He had recently published his first book and was in the top 3 of UK business coaches, yet his personal life was failing and he was on the verge to bankruptcy. So he asked for help and got himself a mentor who transformed his life and business.

Today, speaker Elliot Kay is on a mission to help entrepreneurs, organizations and individuals. He is entertaining and knows how to capture the attention of his audience while inspiring and motivating them to achieve success. Elliot is also available for schools, and having struggled with school, low self-esteem and bullying himself, he knows how to approach these difficult subjects in a way that speaks to the pupils and students.

    Speaker Elliot Kay Keynote Topics

    • How To Use Public Speaking To Win More Clients
    • How To Find The Leaders Of Tomorrow
    • What Does A Winning Business Strategy Look Like
    • The 5 Essential Elements Of Business Purpose
    • How you can use you confidence to build your business.
    • Is Your Business Worse Than A Job?!
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