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Erica Diamond

travels from Canada

Entrepreneur, Blogger and Women’s Success Coach

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Keynote speaker Erica Diamond is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of WomenOnTheFence.com, Women’s Success Coach, Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Author, Blogger, Speaker, Radio Correspondent, Spokesperson, and Mentor. With over 20 years sales experience, and 15 years marketing experience, Erica Diamond is a born entrepreneur.

Women’s Success Coach. I am an Editor-In-Chief and Blogger for all Women and Moms. I am an Award Winning Entrepreneur and Businesswoman

Using a small savings from her first job as a Marketing Manager at a large corporation, Erica built her Promotional Products Company, Unique Corporate Gifts from scratch in 1999 at 24 years old.

After enjoying seven years of great financial success with her Company, Erica sold her business in 2006 to Canada’s Largest Bag Retail Chain to raise her young boys. Her business journey along the way has awarded her a ProMontreal Young Entrepreneur Award, Top 30 under 30 Entrepreneur Award, Top 40 under 40 Entrepreneur Award nomination, 2011 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award nomination among numerous others, and finally, The Profit Hot 50 Award – One of Canada’s 50 Emerging Growth Companies. She was the only female CEO on this list. Erica has also been on the cover of the Business section of multiple newspapers including The National Post and Financial Post, and is a Media Personality frequently called-upon on television, radio, magazine and newspaper.

Fast forward to September 2009, the birth of WomenOnTheFence.com (now syndicated to over 2 million readers a month). With one son in grade school, and the other son in preschool, Erica started to get the entrepreneurial itch again, “It’s time to do something, but what can I do?” She knew she was too entrepreneurial to work for anyone. Sitting on the fence with what she wanted to do, she imagined that if she was on the fence – a smart, intelligent mom and business woman – there were probably others who were sitting on the fence in many other aspects of their lives as well: how to raise their kids, how to keep the passion alive with a marriage and a career, how to juggle friendships, how to find “me-time,” etc.

Erica envisioned a hub where bright, dynamic, modern, women and moms could get inspired, be entertained and learn something new in their life. She started writing, and it took off immediately. Women everywhere have connected with the concept of being “stuck and on the fence,” unsure of where to go. Today, women come from around the world for a daily dose of success advice, hope, inspiration and laughter about all the “on the fence” issues women face today. If you’re single, married, divorced, a mom, a MomPreneur, a woman, you’ll love the captivating blog posts, articles and interviews written by Erica and her incredible team of Guest Bloggers and Celebrities alike. Ranging from light to thought-provoking, Erica’s goal is to leave you feeling inspired, educated, enlightened and entertained.

Erica Diamond is the author of the new release, The 99 Things Women Wish They Knew… Before Starting Their Own Business. Her book has been endorsed by incredible names such as Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York,  Brooke Burke, Host of Dancing With The Stars and C0-CEO ofModernMom.comSuzy Welch bestselling author and business journalist, and more. The book is part of the first-ever women’s self-help series, The 99 Series.

Beside her successful Blog, Erica speaks all over North America and mentors other entrepreneurs. Erica was the headlined speaker at the 2010 National Women’s Show and is a keynote speaker and panelist at many events and conferences across the country. Erica Diamond is a Brand Ambassador for ABC’s The View to represent the Mom community, and was named FORBES Magazine’s Top 100 Websites For Women 2011, FORBES Magazine’s 25 Most Influential Women In Business on Twitter 2011, Top 20 Women In Canada 2010, Spokesperson for National Entrepreneurship Day 2011, The Top 25 Best Twitter Feeds for Women 2010, 50 Best Blogs by Women 201021 Amazing Women Entrepreneurs 2010, 25 Most Influential Women Tweeting About Entrepreneurship and was nominated as a Role Model & Mentor for Women & Girls.

Erica has written three children’s books and co-wrote a television show. She is a board member of her son’s school and a serial volunteer, whose ongoing work with various charities never tires her. Erica loves everything women, mom, business and entrepreneurship related. She is also a die hard music lover.

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    Keynote by Speaker Erica Diamond

    A FINE BALANCEAchieving Happiness though Finding the Perfect Work/Life Balance.

    • Thrive while juggling a career, kids and relationships (without losing yourself in the process). A perfect life doesn’t exist, but you can acquire the skills to truly enjoy the best of both worlds by finding the perfect balance. You’ll learn how to put yourself back on your to-do list, why comparing yourself to others will lead to your balance demise, why friends play a greater role than you think, why saying “no” is crucial, and how unlocking your passion is a key element in your success. Gain the skills to implement balance in your life immediately.


    Keynote by Speaker Erica Diamond


    • Erica shares her TOP 10 SECRETS that have made her successful in her career and life. Walk away ready to become successful in your business and thrive in your personal life.


    Keynote by Speaker Erica Diamond


    • Proven-to-work sales and marketing tips and strategies for you or your employees to walk away with and implement into your company immediately. Your attendees will leave energized, marketing savvy and ready to book orders!


    Keynote by Speaker Erica Diamond


    • Why every company MUST have a Blog. Who should manage it? How starting a Blog can increase your visibility and corporate sales. How to get your blog to take off quickly and bring you new leads and revenue. How to nail Corporate Blogging.


    Keynote by Speaker Erica Diamond


    • Learn the ins and outs of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, StumbleUpon, Digg, Tumblr, MySpace, Delicious, Reddit), how to navigate your way.


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    A few examples of Erica’s recent speaking engagements:

    • Opening Keynote Professional Organizers in Canada (POC)
    • Master of Ceremonies for Women In Business Luncheon.
    • Jeff Pulver’s 140 Conference
    • Women In Leadership
    • National Women’s Show
    • Tory Johnson’s Spark & Hustle
    • Mom Summit 2.0
    • Newfoundland & Labrador Association of Women Entrepreneurs
    • Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange
    • Business and Professional Cocktail
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