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Erik Saelens

Founder and Executive Director of Brandhome
Country: Belgium

Keynote speaker Erik Saelens is the founder and executive strategic director of Brandhome group, which makes companies grow faster than their markets. Erik is a charismatic speaker with extensive experience in the world of brand marketing as he has worked with some of the world’s most prominent financial institutions, firms, and government. His expertise is sought after, and serves on the boards of companies such as Unbox (B), CQ (US) and Stackin (US) where he contributes to decisions on the business’ strategies and future.

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A brand is an immaterial asset; a belief system.

Erik Saelens is a speaker with relevant know-how, business acumen and an impressive resume. He is a highly regarded speaker and has worked with governments, multinational companies and exclusive groups of CEOs and business heavyweights.

Erik Saelens holds a degree in Marketing Economics from the Antwerp University, Belgium, and has completed several other brand marketing studies. He has a solid track record in his career as an interim manager, performing various roles for a range of international companies and brands. He specializes in rebranding and renaming operations, and has executed and researched more than 300 brand-change operations worldwide. He is also an expert on brand management and M&A and IPO strategies, and draws on a strong operational background when putting these strategies into practice.

In his talks, Erik focuses on what makes branding meaningful today and how to make marketing relevant tomorrow. How can brands maintain/initiate contact with their customers? What do those customers want anyway? Erik is constantly rethinking these strategies and looking ahead. His unique storytelling style never fails to enlighten and entertain.

Erik tailors his talks to the needs of his clients and brings energy to the event from start to finish. He speaks regularly at conferences and universities worldwide, as well as contributing frequently to specialist sector media. He has written more than 15 books on brand marketing.


    Speaker Erik Saelens Keynote Topics

    • Branding
    • Globalization
    • Innovation
    • Digitalization
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