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Fiona Citkin

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Keynote speaker Fiona Citkin, a former Fulbright Scholar from Ukraine, is a professional educator, author, public speaker, and internationally renowned intercultural consultant, who learned about reinventing herself and succeeding in America from own unique experiences.

With experience as a director of Berlitz, FGI, and a personal consulting portfolio that includes UBS, DuPont, Estée Lauder, Bayer, Dewberry, Hershey, and the US Department of Defense, Fiona is a popular speaker with unique content on success in the US, women/gender issues, globalization/immigration, as diversity and multicultural issues.

After completing her PhD, Fiona became a professor and Chair of the English Department of Uzhgorod National University in Ukraine. Her first book, Terminology and Translation was a hit in European academia, rare for a young academic, and led to many speaking engagements, conferences and visiting professorships at the Universities of Vienna, Budapest, Bern, Warsaw, Galway, etc. The whole world opened for a girl from a former behind-the-iron-curtain country of the Soviet Union, and she was accepted in it for what she was!

After her family moved to New York, because of her husband’s career options, Fiona’s academic career became history. She chose family. So, she worked for a global computer company CSI (Complex Systems Inc.), Berlitz, and similar culture-language-oriented organizations, until accumulating enough experience to start her own consultancy, Expert MS Inc. Fiona became a naturalized citizen and got used to a fast-pace environment of America. Since moving to America, she has reinvented herself multiple times, doing work in college teaching, PR, sales, marketing, course design, training, and HR consulting—she could be given an Oscar for her many roles! Fiona liked change and what she was doing. Her expertise has opened many doors including presenting opportunities at major corporations, colleges, and government agencies—even consulting for the Department of Defense— to train and advise on cultures, gender, diversity, and inclusion.

Fiona’s first book written in the United States was rooted in her consulting practice: “Transformational Diversity: Why and How Intercultural Competencies Can Help Organizations to Survive and Thrive.” It explores inclusive leadership practices of today, and the how-to of implementation—which, according to readers’ feedback, became the most popular section. Its success led to Fiona’s recognition as diversity thought leader by SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management). In 2008-2012 the Transformational Diversity approach had been tried and tested at UBS Investment Bank and other organizations (Hershey’s, DuPont, Cotton Incorporated, Dewberry, Colgate Palmolive) for over five years.

At the request of the Diversity and Inclusion Division of SHRM, Fiona designed and facilitated an innovative course, Global Cultural Competence for Business Leaders, which became a staple for leadership education in our multicultural world. For Transformational Diversity and her consulting combined, Fiona Citkin was also awarded a prestigious 2012 Top Champion of Diversity title by the think-tank DiversityBusiness.com.

Dr. Citkin’s public image is quite polished, with experience in conference presentations; television, magazine, and radio interviews; a presence on YouTube and Vimeo; plus, various social media and publications. In 2013, following Arianna Huffington’s personal invitation, Fiona began her monthly Huffington Post column. Her column explores American multicultural women’s success with a host of related issues and suggests practical solutions for all stakeholders: society, policy makers, and, of course, women. Her articles attract an enthusiastic audience both at the Huffington Post and her business clients. When Arianna Huffington started a new company, Thrive Global, she invited Fiona to become a contributor on her new platform as well.

See keynotes with Fiona Citkin

    Keynote by Speaker Fiona Citkin

    How Womankind Becomes True American Meritocracy

    • The strong womankind of the US is diverse. Many strong women are America-born while some come from all over the world—from Peru to Germany, from Mexico to Ethiopia—and from all walks of life. They are writers and artists, business women and philanthropists, and they have forged their own professional paths while caring for their families, contributing to their communities, and making a difference in any number of ways. We bring their unique experiences and know-how to the audience and inspire everyone to become an achiever in his/her own right.


    Keynote by Speaker Fiona Citkin

    Women in America: Unique Success Stories

    • Many women have graciously shared with Dr. Citkin their immigrant stories, and described the often-confusing terrain in which they started their professional lives—to become outstanding American achievers. The common denominator of their success is Integration, education, and persistence. By drawing attention to the lives of the extraordinary immigrant achievers portrayed in the new book, scores of other people—native-born as well as immigrants—will benefit from the accumulated know-how and be inspired to make a difference.


    Keynote by Speaker Fiona Citkin

    Seven Success Values: Women’s Perspective

    • The U.S. may be a country of opportunity, but as a new book of Fiona Citkin (HOW THEY MAKE IT IN AMERICA) makes clear, the best opportunities are reserved for the talented, the determined, and the prepared. Talented multicultural women, represented by Isabel Allende, from Chile; Verónica Montes, from Mexico; Weili Dai, from China; Alfa Demmellash, from Ethiopia; Irmgard Lafrentz, from Germany; Ani Palacios McBride, from Peru; Raegan Moya-Jones, from Australia; Josie Natori, from The Philippines, etc., used US-American opportunities in full and contributed their 100% – becoming the outstanding professionals, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists, enriching the US. Dr. Citkin delivers 7 Success Values that underline big achievements.


    Keynote by Speaker Fiona Citkin

    Cultural Competence for Global Leaders

    • This presentation is a shortcut necessary for global leaders who need to be armed with in-depth cultural competencies, while integrating a culture-sensitive Character Building; The American Mindset; Emotional Intelligence; Creativity; Strategic Thinking; Inclusive Leadership; and Perseverance. Interactive presentation delivers the cultural competence skills and practices them with the audience.


    Keynote by Speaker Fiona Citkin

    Leadership Careers, Female Style

    • Leadership careers are big business and big attraction. Achieving the American Dream and becoming an American leader seems to require a steeper-than-ever climb, with ever changing rules for achieving success under stress. This informative and inspiring presentation—which examines both The American Dream and those unwritten American leadership insider rules—offers immigrant women leaders’ stories with real takeaways.
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