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Frank Vogl Speaker

Frank Vogl

travels from USA

Author, President of Vogl Communications, and Respected Lecturer and Advisor to leading global financial institutions

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Our keynote speaker Frank Vogl is the president of Vogl Communications. He delivers expert keynotes on economics, finance and business ethics. He has worked with leading financial institutions and major publications around the world. Frank Vogl’s knowledge and experience helps businesses lead and develop in a way that is economically sound and generates value.

Author, Analyst, Lecturer’s new book to be published this coming September.

Frank Vogl, author, lecturer and advisor to leading global financial institutions, is a former senior World Bank official and international reporter for The Times of London. He is currently the President of Vogl Communications, Inc. in Washington DC.

Vogl was educated in the UK. He is an expert on global economics and finance – and business ethics. He says: “How our corporations and our governments are led is vital to the health of our society. Integrity and accountability are the crucial watchwords. We need to strengthen trust in business and government leadership so as to encourage all citizens, especially the young, to participate fully in the productive development of our nations.”

Frank Vogl has written the book, Waging War on Corruption. It is intendedto launch a major public debate about the crucial values that need to govern nations. He argues that thanks to wonderfully brave individuals and vibrant civil society organizations, plus the power of social media, the stage is now being set for significant victories in battles across the globe against crooked leaders.

In the late 1960s, Frank was an economics reporter for Reuters in London and in Brussels, then from 1970, he was the first European Business Correspondent of The Times (London), based in Frankfurt. From 1974-1981, he was the US Economics Correspondent in Washington DC for The Times (London) and contributed columns frequently to the US’s leading daily newspapers.

In the 1980s, Frank served as the World Bank’s Director of Information & Public Affairs. For most of 1984/85 he served as the Bank’s Acting Vice President for External Relations and as a member of the Bank’s Managing Committee.

Since 1990, Frank, together with his wife Emily, has run Vogl Communications, Inc., a public relations firm that specializes in global finance and economics. In this capacity, for example, Frank served most recently as the press spokesman for the Steering Committee of private creditors and investors to Greece. He has served for two decades as the Press Advisor to the Institute of International Finance, the leading global association of financial services firms.

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Frank Vogl On The Challenges of Global Corruption

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