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Fred Sarkari

travels from Canada

Expert in Human Behavior

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Keynote speaker Fred Sarkari has helped thousands of individuals accross the globe create and refine their skills with his motivational keynotes in order to be more effective and efficient in their businesses and personal lives.

Coach, teacher and consultant with expertise in human behavior

Considered an expert in human behavior, Fred Sarkari coaches, teaches and provides management consulting services to a broad range of organizations, from start ups to some of the world’s largest organizations.

He is the president of a unique sales and personal development company that empowers individuals and organizations to achieve their visions, goals and dreams.

In addition to his popular course facilitation, Fred has written two Best Seller Books: “How the Top 5% Think! – Principles of Great Leaders” and “Courage To Be Naked – Guide to Communicating and Presenting Your Message.”

Fred remains highly active in providing individuals with ongoing one-on-one coaching, from goal setting to execution.

Fred has facilitated numerous workshops for employees of various companies – Microsoft, Wells Fargo, BMW, Scotia Bank, Coca-Cola, Home Depot, CIBC, Royal Bank, North West Mutual Funds, Ceridian, Promotional Products Association, BMO Bank of Montreal, Genworth Financial, Hilton Hotels, Midas, Four Seasons Hotels and many more.

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    Keynote by Speaker Fred Sarkari 

    5 Critical Elements To Optimizing Your Business

    • Having the right attitude without a proven system of success is nothing more than wishing for a better life. Obtaining your fullest potential requires a consistent and proven system of success.
    • Prior to a flight, pilots conduct a Standard Operating Process (SOPs) to ensure the best chances of having a successful flight. To ensure you have the best chance at a successful life should you not have your own SOP?
    • Using compelling stories, which illustrate the best and worst days of his medical journey, Fred Sarkari, internationally respected expert in human behavior and bestselling author, gives an inspiring high content keynote presentation. Fred demonstrates to his audiences how the innate power of a proven system towards success can get you through any circumstance you may encounter in your personal or professional life.
    • During Fred’s presentation participants will learn the 5 principles all effective leaders have in common.
    • Implement the essential steps you must take if you desire to become successful, while living your life with purpose and leading with value and direction.

    Keynote by Speaker Fred Sarkari

    How The Top 5% Think! – ‘The 7 Principles of Great Leaders™’

    • Who or even what would be considered to be the Top 5%?  Is it a financial, a physical, or spiritual goal?
    • Would financially free make you a member of the Top 5%?  Would an Olympic athlete be considered part of the Top 5%?  Does a Buddhist Monk who has attained enlightenment qualify for the Top 5%?
    • Top 5% in any aspect of life, whether it be business, personal, or spiritual, each has a similar manner of thought.  Each has a consistent way of thinking.  We will examine what principles all of the above have in common.
    • Focusing on seven pragmatic principles that everyone will encounter within the course of their lives, will help us understand and in turn duplicate how The Top 5% respond to them on a daily basis in their own lives in order to create success.
    • “How The Top 5% Think!” will equip you with the means to excel, both in your industry and your life. Covering seven transforming steps for leading your life, this presentation will motivate and guide you to immediate action and new frontiers in leadership.
    • “How the Top 5% Think!” will bring you back to the heart of your business, infusing a greater purpose as you strive to achieve your place in the marketplace.
    • In a world of constant change, these principles have stood unwavering throughout time by great leaders. By applying these principles to your life, you will effectively lead others through example.

    Keynote by Speaker Fred Sarkari

    Mastering Your Client’s Decision-Making Process

    • It would be easy if people were like vending machines, where pushing certain buttons would get you the same results every time. However, people consist of different needs, traits, and expectations that make generic treatment unreasonable. Personality differences complement each other in a powerful way, and appreciating that is a key to having successful long-term relationships with all people from all aspects of life, and especially in business.
    • In this real life workshop you will learn how to master your clients decision – making process so you can close deals faster and with less stress. This critical skill will allow you to quickly build loyal effective relationships without sacrificing your sanity or standards.
    • Learning Outcome:
      • The secret formula of how to connect with clients in 3 minutes or less.
      • Learn the psychological and social triggers that make people take action.
      • Learn how to lead your clients to logical conclusions that support your business and leave them feeling proud to do business with you.
      • Learn the key questions that will deepen your relationship with clients that most never ask.
      • Learn how to identify small changes that can significantly impact your overall business.
      • Learn strategies and tactics that make it easy for clients to make difficult decisions.

Interview with Fred Sarkari

What is the message you hope people take away from your presentations?
Slow down just enough to become aware of how we make people.  Ask yourself this question after every interaction in your business – “How did I make that person feel?”  Every decision we make is based on our emotions and these emotions are a reflection of past experiences.

What is the feeling you would like people to take away?

Every presentation has three critical elements for it to be successful for the long term.

  • People need to feel Inspired
  • People need to be Educated
  • People need to know how to Execute their next step

How do you prepare for speaking engagements?
Like a professional actor, speakers need to get into the minds of their audience. I live and breathe the concerns, fears and pains of my audience. I want my audience to always feel I know what they go through on a daily basis instead of just having fancy quotes and stories to share. Everything needs to be connected to their reality.

What do you gain personally from being a public speaker?
Happiness, joy, fun. I just love what I do – I am so very fortunate for that and stay very conscious and aware to never take that gift for granted.

How much does humor factor into your keynotes and other speaking engagements?
Humor is everything – it opens the mind to want to grow and change. Humor also cannot be at the audiences expense.

Can you briefly describe what makes someone a great leader?
Truly living and believing in what they share with others. True leaders are consistent in their beliefs in every aspect of their lives. Consistency in your beliefs is the foundation of leaders.

How are your keynote presentations unique?
There is nothing unique about any presenter as there is nothing they can do that no one else out there cannot. I check my ego at the door and give them my true authentic self. People are tired of the typical success stories from presenters. We as speakers have an obligation to our audiences to share not only our success but also our failures. The good – bad – and ugly.  Our true journey.

Do you have any unique memorable moments in your speaking career?
Reading this question created an uncontrollable flood of memories. I have so much joy in what I do that I can’t remember a presentation that was not memorable in some way.

What are the key things to remember when trying to effectively deal with clients?
Understand their true situation. What concerns and problems are they trying to solve in order to be more successful. Most important, truly care about them as people.

See keynotes with Fred Sarkari
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