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Geoff Cotton

International Presenter, speaker and Presentation Coach
Country: UK

Our keynote speaker Geoff Cotton spent several years  as  a marketing manager in the financial services and audio and video sectors before becoming a fulltime freelance presenter/host in 1987. This business experience has been invaluable in his corporate work and hosting of live business events. Geoff Cotton is often asked to coach other speakers at conferences and events where he is the anchorman, lead presenter or keynote speaker.

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Geoff Cotton is an international presenter, speaker and presentation coach with extensive experience of corporate events and seminars. Geoff works as a presenter in English/French/German/Italian and as a speaker in English and French, which makes him a very sought-after host/MC/speaker for international audiences.

Since 1987, Geoff Cotton has worked extensively as a presenter and speaker in the UK, Europe, North America and Australia/New Zealand. He has anchored and presented a wide variety of live events, seminars and videos.

A former Marketing Manager, his business experience and fluency make him uniquely qualified to work in conferences, seminars and corporate videos. He is often asked to coach other speakers at conferences and events where he is the lead presenter.

As a presenter, Geoff hosts/MC/comperes a wide variety of corporate events and productions, including conferences, media launches, exhibitions, awards ceremonies and new business pitches. His C.V. includes the Imagine conference for Kering in Copenhagen, three International Gaming Awards in London, four UEFA Champions League Finals in Vienna/Rome/Munich/Paris, the Frontier Awards in Cannes, the national sales conference for Motorola in San Antonio, Texas, the national sales conference for Boston Scientific in Cannes and the bi-annual conference for Alstom Power in Lisbon.

Geoff Cotton also works extensively in broadcast and online media, including a live webcast in French for Symantec, audio infomercials for Boehringer Ingelheim, Interflex and Vega Tolosa wines. In 2014 he voiced both British and German tank commanders in a documentary on BBC2 about the D-Day landings.

    Keynote by Speaker Geoff Cotton

    “Presentations: Traps and Tricks”

    • Based on his experience as a presentation coach, he highlights the most common traps which speakers fall into and tricks of the trade to avoid them. The traps include speaking too fast, the `erm/er/ah’ trap, body language signs and losing an audience’s attention. He has given this talk throughout Europe and Australia. The normal format for the talk is 1 hour 15 minutes, followed by a break of 10 minutes and then a 20 minute Q&A. Geoff is often asked to give the talk to his audiences over a buffet lunch.

Geoff Cotton’s Keynote Speaking Topics