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Giles Chance

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Leading Expert on Chinese Business

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Keynote speaker Giles Chance, a professor at the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University, is a leading expert on Chinese business, and on China’s new role in the world. Before founding Evolution Securities China he helped foreign companies develop their businesses in China.

Giles is an experienced speaker and presenter at corporate and public events. He is an expert on China’s economy and society and has since 1989 been advising many Western companies and investment institutions on investing in China. Giles has advised many multinational companies on their China strategy and assisted Chinese corporates to access Western technology and know-how across a range of sectors.

His clients have included many of Britain’s largest companies. Between 1990 and 1996 he arranged more than 70 technology transfers from European companies to Chinese companies.

Since 1999, Giles has been a Professor at the Guanghua School of Management, Peking University (ranked no 54 in the Financial Times Global MBA ranking 2012). Additionally he teaches a course on China as a Visiting Professor at the Tuck School, Dartmouth College, USA. This is also where he earned an MBA on a Fulbright scholarship.

Aside from teaching, he is a regular columnist for the Chinese business weekly journal ‘Economic Observer’ which is published in Beijing, and read by many Government officials and high-level Chinese business executives. He also writes for the Financial Times (China Edition).

Giles has also written a book, ‘China and the Credit Crisis: the emergence of a new world order’ which was published in English by John Wiley in 2009, and in Chinese by CITIC Press in 2010. The book explains how globalisation, especially China’s emergence, changed and benefited the world economy in ways which central bankers did not understand at the time. The bubble in asset prices which was allowed to develop led to the Western financial crash which started in 2008. The book analyses how the West’s new economic weakness has changed China’s position in the world.

In 2003 he co-founded Evolution Securities China, a London-based boutique investment bank with offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong, which advised western investors on China and pioneered capital-raising for Chinese corporates in the London and Hong Kong markets.

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    • China
    • China and its development and place in the world
    • Successfully Starting a business/entrepreneurship

Interview with Giles Chance

What is the message you hope people take away from your presentations?
China will be an important part of the next century. Its economic and social development offers great commercial opportunities. If the West can find a place for it in its world, China may also be a force for good. If not, China’s emergence may bring trouble to the West. .

What is the most unique experience you have had as a keynote speaker?
Losing my notes and having to improvise for 20 minutes.

Where does your passion for China stem from?
Being married to a Chinese and being a person who is full of curiosity and who wants to make the world better

What are some of the major changes you predict will happen in China over the next decade?
In 10 years time China will be as important an economic and political force in the world as the US is today. The Communist party will continue to rule China for the next decade, but there will be much grater freedom of speech than there is now in China, and the rule of law in China will become stronger. Chinese tourists to Europe will outnumber the total of tourists from all other countries.

What type of audience benefits most from your keynotes?
An audience which is interested in China and in the future of the world, and has an open mind.

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