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Giles Hutchins

Strategist, Speaker and Author
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Giles Hutchins applies his more than twenty years of business experience to his speaking, writing and catalytic skills. An acclaimed author, having written The Nature of Business, The Illusion of Separation and Future Fit. Giles applies a range of tools, techniques and business insights to help your organisation become future fit.

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Giles Hutchins’ passion is exploring ways to transform organisations and leadership through the application of living systems logic. Shifting them away from rigid hierarchical and reactionary structures to transform them into organisations that can not only survive but thrive in an increasingly volatile, complex and uncertain global environment.

He applies this vision with his over 20 years of business experience to work at both personal and organisational levels. His career encompasses being the Global Sustainability Director for Atos, a Management Consultant with KPMG and the Co-founder of BCI: Biomimicry for Creative Innovation. He has helped to transform a wide range of organisations; corporate, third sector, public sector and start-up. Giles regularly guest lectures at leading Business Schools, and speaks at conferences and expert roundtables. He has been interviewed by the BBC and writes articles for a number of world leading networks. Giles is also an acclaimed author, having written The Nature of Business, The Illusion of Separation and Future Fit.


With insight in how prepare to prepare your organisation for the future, in a world of increased pressures on resources, transparency and possible unforeseen issues, Giles can show the way to a network, anti-fragile and flourishing way of conducting business.

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