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Giles Hutchins

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Strategist & author speaking about the next-stage of leadership consciousness required to thrive in this volatile world

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Keynote speaker Giles Hutchins applies his more than twenty years of business experience to his speaking, writing and catalytic skills. An acclaimed author, having written The Nature of Business, The Illusion of Separation and Future Fit. Giles applies a range of tools, techniques and business insights to help your organisation become future fit.

Giles Hutchins’ passion is exploring ways to transform organisations and leadership through the application of living systems logic. Shifting them away from rigid hierarchical and reactionary structures to transform them into organisations that can not only survive but thrive in an increasingly volatile, complex and uncertain global environment.

He applies this vision with his over 20 years of business experience to work at both personal and organisational levels. His career encompasses being the Global Sustainability Director for Atos, a Management Consultant with KPMG and the Co-founder of BCI: Biomimicry for Creative Innovation. He has helped to transform a wide range of organisations; corporate, third sector, public sector and start-up. Giles regularly guest lectures at leading Business Schools, and speaks at conferences and expert roundtables. He has been interviewed by the BBC and writes articles for a number of world leading networks. Giles is also an acclaimed author, having written The Nature of Business, The Illusion of Separation and Future Fit.


With insight in how prepare to prepare your organisation for the future, in a world of increased pressures on resources, transparency and possible unforeseen issues, Giles can show the way to a network, anti-fragile and flourishing way of conducting business.

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Leading In Volatile Times

Through my work as an executive coach, adviser and leadership specialist I get to engage with a great variety of senior executives and expert practitioners at the juicy leading-edges of future-fit business. At once it is an immensely exciting, liberating, testing and unpredictable time to be involved in the future of business.

In these times of multi-dimensional change-upon-change, what can often be easily overlooked is that there is a metamorphosis unfolding in our midst. There is a foundational shift in consciousness happening that affects us all at deep and partly unconscious levels.

This shift in consciousness can be summed up as a shift from separateness to connectedness which manifests in business as a shift in how we perceive our organisations and how we ‘show-up’ as leaders in our organisations.

The way we predominantly viewed our organisations in the 20th century was as a ‘machine’; a machine that sweats its assets (one asset of which is ‘human resources’) in order to maximise short-term financial returns for a specific stakeholder class.

This mechanistic logic – underpinned by 20th Century Scientific Management Theory – has some useful aspects we need going-forward, but as a dominant approach it is now largely unfit-for-purpose. It’s inadequate in the face of systemic challenges, rising volatility, fast-shifting consumer patterns and inter-connected wicked problems.

The 20th century ‘organisation-as-machine’ is giving way to the 21st century ‘organisation-as-living-system’.   

‘In times of turmoil, the danger lies not in the turmoil, but in facing it with yesterday’s logic.’ Peter Drucker, management specialist

Today’s world requires our organisations to become ever more emergent, purposeful and organic. In turn, leadership becomes more about empowering and encouraging interconnections, synergies, openness, innovation, sense of purpose and an active network of feedback and learning.

To embrace this leadership shift in the midst of turbulent and challenging times is no mean feat. The good news is that this shift is nothing more, nor nothing less, than learning to open up to our deeper humanity while opening up to how life really is, beyond the constraints, constrictions, habituations and acculturations we have picked up along the way.  

What is emerging through leading-edge findings is that this shift in leadership consciousness is a shift in perceptual horizon – a deepening in self-awareness and systemic-awareness – both within ourselves as leaders AND within the consciousness of the organisation-as-living-system.  

Speaker, strategist, adviser and author Giles Hutchins is Chairman of the Future Fit Leadership Academy, his latest book is Future Fit which provides the tools and techniques to embrace this shift in consciousness for ourselves and our organisations.


Interview with Giles Hutchins

What kind of clients have you worked with in the past?

I am a versatile speaker who has undertaken breakfast talks, after-dinner speeches, key note conference presentations, plenary discussions, and reflective closing end notes for corporations and forward thinking institutions, for instance: BP, Sky Media, Quakers & Business, Sustainable Brands, Melcrum Summit, Atos International, Tomorrow’s Company.

What kind of results do clients experience after your programmes and keynotes?

My talks are inspiring, uplifting, thought-provoking and eye-opening – here is some feedback:

  • ‘Your talk was truly masterly and set the tone for a very successful day’  – CEO of an ethical organisation
  • ‘Thank you for your presentation yesterday – we found it very enlightening and encouraging’ – Senior Business Executive
  • ‘Thank you so much for your enlightening talk and opening the conference with such a bang as I think it set the tone for the whole day. Your being there for the rest of the day was a great asset too.’ – Convener of a leading London business network

What do you gain personally from being a public speaker?

Helping catalyse a shift in people’s perspective, instil courage and encouragement for people to embark on transformational change at personal and organisational levels, allow people the perspective to see the transformational times we are in and their role as a leader within it through a deeper lens.

How did your inspiration to apply living systems logic to a management environment come about?

In 2008 I was Head of Sustainability for a large multinational and wished to bring my previous 15 years of business transformation to bear, by recognising that sustainability is just part of a deeper organisational transformation towards living systems that are able to thrive in the volatile times ahead.  I bring a deep understanding of living systems and draw on deep wisdom traditions the world over to inform my work as well as pioneering research in biomimicry, neurobiology, consciousness, sociology, leadership, psychology, and personal and organisational resilience.

Is there a correlation between increased uncertainty and volatility in the global business environment and the increase in speed in which at international business in conducted?

There are myriad inter-woven forces creating this volatility and uncertainty, including the rapid digitization of numerous channels and markets, which necessarily instils faster connections and pace. Yet, paradoxically, amid this pace, interconnectedness and speed comes an increasing need for space, connectedness and stillness, otherwise we lose focus and wind-up in unsustainable organisational patterns of development that undermine the creative potential and innovation of the organisation and its people.

Can you give 3 tips for creating a more innovative company culture?

  • Communication:  through liberating structures and living-systems approaches to inter-relating and decision making, we enrich the quality of communication in a more human way. Communication is the vital nourishing ground from which trust, collaboration and innovation spawn.
  • Local attunement and empowerment: allowing our teams to self-organise through greater empowerment so that we can make decisions at the local level, flex and adapt to fast changing environments, and share this local innovation globally through effective collaboration.
  • Purpose: fostering a culture of sharing, diversity and openness held together through Purpose – divergent thinking becomes coherent through a deep sense of purpose within the organisation, a sense of purpose that resonates with all divergent parts to create a vibrant living system, adapting, innovating and thriving amid volatility with passion and purpose: ‘super-coherence’ both across the silos of the organisation and across a diverse stakeholder ecosystem, where innovation ignites through all relationships (open innovation with the diverse stakeholders bonded through a shared sense of purpose).
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