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Brand Integrity Guy's keynotes on Employer Engagement


Gregg Lederman

travels from USA

Author and Customer Experience Expert advising companies to engage employers in order to boost their branding

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Keynote speaker Gregg Lederman is able to strengthen work cultures and customer experiences by engaging employees and utilizing his Brand Integrity model to ensure a company brand is an integral part of all employee performance systems. Hiring Greg is a positive long term investment for employee engagement and business success.

Gregg Lederman is also known as the “Brand Integrity Guy”. After attending one of his presentations, you’ll know why! After mere minutes with Gregg you will realize that this unforgettable expert has solved the mystery to engaging employees and delivering a more profitable customer experience.

Gregg Lederman frequently delivers presentations to associations, corporations and universities and attendants at these interactive presentations and workshops consistently rate him among the very best of speakers. More than 85 percent of Gregg’s bookings are repeat hires by delighted clients. For example, AMA President, Peter Piusz had this to say: “We just had the most dynamic speaker! Gregg Lederman challenged our audience to think about their business in new ways and captured their hearts with buckets of takeaway value relevant to their business. He is one of the highest audience-rated speakers we’ve ever had.”

Gregg is the author of the two-time award-winning book, Achieve Brand Integrity: Ten Truths You Must Know to Enhance Employee Performance and Increase Company Profits. The book and his trademark Achieving Brand Integrity® Model have been used by numerous corporations across the U.S. to integrate their company brand into employee performance systems from hiring and customer service training to employee recognition and performance evaluations.

Gregg has made it a personal mission to dramatically improve people’s lives by positively enhancing work cultures and the customer experience while simultaneously increasing companies’ profitability. He is driven by a relentless desire to help as many people as possible “Live the Brand”. His work, along with the work of his team at Brand Integrity Inc., has helped many of today’s companies such as Wegmans Food Markets, Erickson Retirement Communities, and the American Red Cross become “best places to work” and close the gap between their business strategies and the employee behaviors needed to bring those strategies to life.

Gregg achieved his MBA from the William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration, where he has been a professor teaching the Achieving Brand Integrity methodology since 2003. He is also a member of the National Speakers Association. Gregg, his wife and their three daughters currently reside in Rochester, NY.

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    Keynote by Speaker Gregg Lederman

    Engaged Employees Outbehave the Competition

    Turn employees into brand ambassadors who will strengthen your work culture and delight your customers. Brand Integrity’s Achieving Brand Integrity® process helps companies peel back the onion to uncover the proprietary behaviors and experiences that differentiate the brand (work culture) in the minds of customers, employees, and the marketplace. In this session, participants are introduced to the Five Brand Integrity Dimensions that serve as the foundation for building a visible and powerful brand for any organization. When operationalized through employee behaviors, the dimensions dramatically impact and enhance the work culture and drive consistently good, more profitable customer experiences.

    Leaders attending this session will walk away knowing, how to research and then define your company’s brand to set behavioral expectations that, when executed, will lead to more profitable experiences. They will also learn optimal ways to communicate the brand by integrating it into critical employee performance systems including:

    • Hiring and on-boarding of new employees
    • Customer experience delivery
    • Strategic, peer-to-peer employee engagement programs
    • Performance assessment and evaluation systems


    Keynote by Speaker Gregg Lederman

    Design the Perfect Customer Experience

    Develop nonnegotiable behaviors and experiences that drive profitable customer relationships

    Every customer (internal or external) goes through a series of typical touch-points with your company. At each touchpoint, customers interact with your people, products, and/or services in ways that lead them to have a good, bad, or indifferent experience. The best way to ensure more valuable and profitable customer relationships is to thoughtfully design the experience, train employees on how to do it, and ensure accountability throughout your company.

    Leaders attending this session will walk away knowing:

    • How to strategically lay out customer experience touch-point
    • How to design the customer experience around key processes and nonnegotiable behaviors
    • Ways to engage and motivate employees to consistently outbehave the competition by delivering outstanding customer experiences


    Keynote by Speaker Gregg Lederman

    Being a Trusted Leader™

    Build trust with 3 behaviors in 90 days!

    A manager cannot optimize his/her ability to lead others without examining the critical behaviors that make them a good leader (or a not so good leader). In today’s fast paced, resource constrained work environment poor leadership skills are exposed and when not improved, cause cultural challenges that drain the payroll and diminish the customer experience. Being a Trusted Leader™ takes participants on a journey to discovering and defining specific actions that will help them earn greater trust and achieve results for their company.

    Leaders attending this session will walk away knowing:

    • Their natural tendencies as a leader and their not so natural behavioral areas to focus on to become a more effective leader
    • The costs associated with poor behavior and the benefits of behavior change
    • How to personalize their own brand of leadership and define specific behaviors to be accountable for
    • How to organize an actionable plan to ensure focus and results


    Keynote by Speaker Gregg Lederman

    Design a Sales Experience to Win in Any Economy

    Design the sales experience that makes customers want to buy! People buy from people they like. What are you or your sales team doing in your sales process/approach to ensure the delivery of a customer-focused experience? Imagine the profit impact when employees (salespeople) are engaged to learn about, practice (perfect), and consistently demonstrate the nonnegotiable behaviors and experiences that make customers want to buy and buy more often.
    In this presentation, salespeople are introduced to the Brand Integrity Buying Experience Cycle™—a behavior-based framework for designing a profitable sales experience that drives dramatic improvements in customer engagement and loyalty. Participants attending this session will learn how to:

    • Better define their target customers and the outcomes they want most
    • Design a relationship-building sales experience that increases revenue
    • Capture, share, and measure best practices enabling the replication of top-performing sales professionals


    Keynote by Speaker Gregg Lederman

    Replicate Your Best Employees

    Use strategic, performance-based recognition to drive productivity, loyalty, and sales

    How engaged are your employees in executing the business strategies critical to driving results? Unfortunately, nearly 60 percent of employees do not believe their company’s mission and strategies are translated in ways that are meaningful to their job. This disconnect might be contributing to the more than 50 percent of employees who admit wasting time at work because they feel bored, unchallenged, unappreciated, or anxious about the economy.

    You can put these dollars back into your business—and improve employee engagement, customer loyalty, and sales—by using recognition as a strategic tool. This presentation will shatter your perception of recognition in the workplace by showing how companies like yours use recognition in an innovative way that effectively aligns company goals with employee behaviors and consistently engages workers to recognize, share, and repeat the best practices that deliver the most meaningful results.

    Participants attending this session will learn how to:

    • Evaluate the effectiveness of their company’s current efforts for communicating values and objectives and recognizing employees
    • Design a strategic recognition program that integrates their company’s mission, values, and objectives to promote consistent behaviors
    • Use recognition to continually engage, educate, motivate, and coach employees on the behaviors that can be done to drive success
    • Capture and share successes that over time will help turn best practices into common practices, celebrate everyone’s contributions, and keep employees engaged
Gregg Lederman - video

Three Drivers of Motivation - Gregg Lederman

Watch speaker Gregg Lederman in action!

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Interview with Gregg Lederman

What do people gain from your keynotes?

  • Clear direction on how to make culture change happen and how to design a more profitable customer experience
  • Tools and techniques for quantifying both the culture and customer experience and linking it to critical financial results.
  • They laugh. They challenge closely held assumptions. They validate existing opinions. Then they laugh some more. They leave ready to put the ideas and tools into action.

What are your top tips for organizations seeking to improve customer experiences and employee engagement?
Don’t just announce your culture. Get your entire workforce aligned on a set of common beliefs and behaviors that bring it to life. What gets measured gets done!

What is your favorite experience you have had as a keynote speaker?
Speaking to an audience of 200 banking CEO’s in February 2009 right after a nationally recognized economist concluded with this advice – “Protect your jobs”. Then I went on stage to talk about engaging their employees to outbehave the competition. I thought I was dead in the water. However, the concepts and takeaway tools were so well received they soon did what was right – forgot about protecting their jobs and went home motivated to take action on strengthening their culture to improve the customer experience.

How do your life experiences influence your keynotes?
Weekly I encounter at least one employee experience via one of my clients or a customer experience as a consumer that I can use as a “Dilbert style” story. My three daughters and amazing wife provide plenty of fodder for examples that make people laugh

How do you manage to empower and motivate people?
I hire great people who are motivated to make success happen. Then I get out of their way! At my company we have 0% unwanted turnover over the past 10 + years

See keynotes with Gregg Lederman
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