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Hannes Schmid

travels from Switzerland

Photographer, Artist & Entrepreneur

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Keynote speaker Hannes Schmid is a Swiss artist, whose work has been world famous and relevant since the 1970s. He has worked in advertising, fashion, travel and the music industry. His keynotes are inspiring journeys through past, present and future. Supported by incredible artwork, Hannes Schmid takes his audience on a ride into his world of curiosity.

Discovering his ultimate passion for photography when living in Cape Town, South Africa, Hannes Schmid started his arts career in an unconventional way – by dropping out of his arts studies at the University. Instead of books he let himself be guided by instinct and developed his unique pictorial language while travelling several years through Africa and Asia. His style is characterized by a personal and emotional connection to the object and until today the technique of analog photography.

After his travels, Hannes Schmid turned his professional work towards the music industry. Between 1978 and 1984 Hannes Schmid toured worldwide with over 250 bands from ABBA to Zappa. The rest of the 80s and the 90s, Hannes Schmid worked mostly as a fashion and advertising photographer. His re-creation of the Marlboro Man has become an unforgettable part of advertisement culture.

Aside of commercial assignments, Hannes Schmid also took on much-noticed arts projects like For Gods Only, The Flow of Life, Thaipusam and Moment of a Moment. Besides his photographic projects, Hannes Schmid’s works also comprise of paintings, films and installations. They have and are still exhibited at numerous venues like the Swiss Foundation of Photography in Winterthur, Museum Folkwang in Essen, Rubin Museum of Art in New York to just name a few.

Since 2012, Hannes Schmid is active and effectively promoting his charity project Smiling Gecko, which initiates and operates charity projects for families and village communities in Southeast Asia.

Based on his incredible life story and work experiences. Hannes Schmid has developed a package of interesting motivational keynotes. His presentations are unique, unforgettable and the curiosity that guides his projects is contagious.


See keynotes with Hannes Schmid

    Keynote by Speaker Hannes Schmid

    „The Art of Transformation“

    (Developed in cooperation with PWC) Hannes Schmid’s Life Story will guide the listeners through a story of change. Different parts of his career can be chosen as a main theme by the client.

    For example:

    • Africa
    • Cannibals
    • Rockstars A-Z – ABBA bis Zappa
    • Cowboys – The Marlboro Man
    • Formula 1 – The Bonneville story
    • For Gods Only –  The Chinese Opera
    • Maha Kumb Mela – Rituals at the Ganges
    • Fashion – Stories from the Fashion Industry

    Keynote by Speaker Hannes Schmid

    Similing Gecko

    • Sustainable philanthropy in a new time is the goal of the initiative. Hannes Schmid can share stories of his charity project. He talks about the different possibilities of help through ecological rural projects, schools, subsidiarity projects and a lot more.

    Keynote by Speaker Hannes Schmid

    The Transformation of the brand Lucky Strike into art


    Keynote by Speaker Hannes Schmid

    The art of analog photography

    • A cross section through the history of analog photography guided by Hannes Schmid’s own work and experiences.

    Keynote by Speaker Hannes Schmid

    For Gods only

    • Chinese cultural heritage under the protection of UNESCO. Hannes Schmid vividly depicts his experiences and memories of the project and background.
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