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Hans van der Loo

travels from Netherlands

Expert on Energy & Change Management

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Keynote speaker Hans van der Loo is a leading expert in the field of energetic behaviour and peak performance. He is a practical consultant, the author of several bestsellers on management, and a popular speaker, and he has time and time again proven that individuals, teams, and organizations can perform at least 10 times better - with ease and with pleasure.

We live in a time when the bar for performance is constantly being raised. How can we deal with that pressure? How can it be that some people are able to take advantage of the current circumstances to move forward quickly, while others become stressed or apathetic? How can we create the momentum that we need to act according to these new changes? Hans van der Loo gives practical answers to these questions, using his many years of experience as an expert in the field of energetic change.

Hans van der Loo was born in Luxembourg. He studied behavioral sciences at the Sorbonne in Paris, Utrecht University in the Netherlands, and Harvard Business School, and began his career as an academic professor at Utrecht University. After several years in academia, he became a consultant on cultural and behavioral change, focusing particularly on ensuring a seamless connection between the ‘soft’ (vision, values, behavior) and ‘hard’ (strategy, execution, performance) aspects of change.

Alongside Patrick Davidson, Hans is the founder and owner of successful consulting agencies Betterday and energyfinder. He is also the author of numerous Dutch bestsellers. A fascinating and innovative keynote speaker, Hans van der Loo applies his experience as a practical consultant to his keynotes and workshops about change management, vision and strategy, energy, and personal leadership.

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    Keynote by Speaker Hans van der Loo

    Energetic change (‘Boost’)

    • How do you ride the highest waves of change and perform to the max? In this exciting keynote, Hans van der Loo helps audiences see that there are practical ways to change the spirit of a start-up and achieve your goals within 90 days. He also provides the scientific evidence behind his claims. And, perhaps most importantly, he gives audiences actionable advice. Because doing is more important than thinking.

    Keynote by Speaker Hans van der Loo

    Turn yourself and your team into a powerhouse

    • Recent research shows that employees on average can perform 40% better if they improve their energy. The difference between energetic and lethargic staff is no less than a factor of 10. How can you and your team get more energy? Contrary to popular belief, high energy is not a matter of offering up fat bonuses, attractive working environments, superfood, and energy drinks. Those things are usually only effective for a limited time. The emotional and mental energy that we get from ourselves, and the social energy that arises between people, work better and longer. They are ‘just’ in your brain, cost nothing, and are always available in abundance if you know how to use such energy.
    • In a keynote or a longer lasting ‘power class,’ Hans van der Loo explains what this energy can do and how it works. Sessions consist of a combination of inspiration, scientific evidence, and actionable advice.

    Keynote by Speaker Hans van der Loo

    Become the ultimate wave maker

    • Wave makers are people, groups and organizations who have used personal leadership to get to the forefront of change and innovation. They are leaders who not only surf the waves of change, but also cause waves themselves. In his lectures, Hans van der Loo focuses on the backgrounds and characteristics of contemporary wave makers. He also gives lectures on practical and high-end personal leadership. He may zoom in on the concrete example of the ultimate wave creator, Elon Musk. Hans van der Loo also gives mini masterclasses on the lessons to be learned from the visionary entrepreneur.
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