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Heather Bischoff

Heather Bischoff

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Personal & Leadership Development Consultant

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Keynote speaker Heather Bischoff is a dynamic and motivational speaker on leadership and overcoming obstacles. Her life’s challenges have taught her to look for the silver lining in every situation and she leaves her audiences inspired and motivated to take action. Heather is truly an artful storyteller with a passion for helping others.

“Leadership and learning are indispensible to each other” — John F. Kennedy

Heather helps people help others. She strongly believes that each person on this earth has a unique story that needs to be told and so she connects with people who have often felt invisible or underestimated their value and helps them transform their personal and professional lives. Always the professional, she has an intuitive way of understanding where people are, what’s getting in the way, and how to move through it to create what they most want in their lives.

Audiences around the world rave about her practical, upbeat, and straight forward approach to reaching people on a deep level that allows them to connect to their core values and desires. Let yourself be inspired by Heather’s story of courage, overcoming many tough circumstances, including being a teen mom, with success.


See keynotes with Heather Bischoff

    Keynote by Speaker Heather Bischoff

    Leadership from Within

    A unique perspective on leadership, participants will walk away inspired with new tools to lead the next generation into the future with success. This workshop is excellent for anyone in leadership or seeking to be in leadership.

    • What are the qualities that make a great leader
    • How leadership impacts community
    • What your role is as a leader in creating an engaging professional culture


    Keynote by Speaker Heather Bischoff

    Make an Impact

    This interactive workshop will provide a unique perspective on how even the most seemingly insignificant positions can make a huge difference. Together we connect what you do, with what you love and how that impacts your work, your community and yourself. This workshop is for any type of audience.

    • Your role in changing the community
    • Understanding your purpose and passion
    • How you can implement passion in your work through community


    Keynote by Speaker Heather Bischoff

    Gaining Power Over Limiting Labels

    Have you ever felt like you are stuck in a box of what the world thinks you ought to be; yet there’s a deep desire to try something different? However you aren’t quite sure what that might be. This workshop provides tools and guidance to help you change direction. Great for people who are considering trying something new or applying for a promotion/start up.

    • Create your own mission statement to enhance your alignment with company values
    • Unpack personality profiles, an overview how personality can transcend teams
    • Understand your unique value adds and how it can enhance teamwork


    Keynote by Speaker Heather Bischoff

    U in CommUnity

    Taking a holistic look at community through a lens that we are all familiar with, however we rarely take time to examine. Participants will walk a way with a clear idea of how they want to show up in community, what they are willing to give as well as how and what they are willing to receive. This workshop is ideal for most any audience.

    • Create an awareness of your role in community
    • Determine the different types of community
    • Learn the balance of finding yourself while giving & receiving


    Keynote by Speaker Heather Bischoff

    A Career Journey to Self

    Each part of our career journey is a stepping-stone to the next big adventure. Participants will learn how they can leverage their current experience; utilize common tips and tools to position themselves for the next steps. This workshop is for people who are considering a career change and are seeking clarity.

    • Connect the dots from your past experience to your future
    • Learn how to leverage your experience to create new ones
    • Create resume that stands out among the rest
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