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Hernani Alves

travels from USA

Chief motivation officer, entrepreneur, author and business coach helping businesses build winning teams

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Motivational speaker Hernani Alves has over 20 years experience as a Sales Executive for a $4 Billion Company. As a speaker Hernani Alves has motivated Executives, Sales Professionals, Corporate teams and more. In his talks, he shares his insights on how to build world-class teams and institute sustainable change in varying economic climates.

Hernani calls himself the “Chief Motivation Officer” because “If you’re not motivating or inspiring others, you’re not a leader”. He is the founder of Balanced IQ – a consulting firm that helps business leaders ‘Win the Hearts’ of their employees to maximize their true potential.

As a speaker, Hernani Alves is inspiring, thought-provoking, and entertaining. He will transform your organization and corporate culture and instill your employees with loyalty and motivation. His talks use clear examples from his personal experiences to explain what you can do to achieve the BEST results – as well as which mistakes to avoid.

Book Alves for a talk which will motivate and enable you to maximize your business potential and win the hearts of your team members so they will execute at a high level!

Hernani’s background: Born in Angola, Africa, Hernani’s family was forced to leave due to the Angolan War. His family lost their successful businesses overnight. Growing up, he witnessed the inspiring way his entrepreneurial family regrouped and started another successful business in the Azores Islands and then yet again in the United States. The secret to his family’s entrepreneurial success is that it all starts with the people you surround yourself with. Hernani and his siblings are all entrepreneurs as well! He started his first business at 19, which sold 4 years later for 18 times his original investment.

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Special virtual keynote by speaker Hernani Alves

The Champion Advantage: Creating a Powerful Mindset For You to Achieve Greatness

More than ever, leaders need to refocus and do what they can within their control. Leaders that overcome fear and reset their business will get the head start to Greatness.

Audience takeaways:

  • Inspire: How your words and actions will motivate your team to take action.
  • Focus: Creating an entrepreneurial champion mindset.
  • Audacity: Finding opportunities, even the ones you can’t see yet.
  • WIN: What’s Important Now

    Speaker Hernani Alves Keynote Topics


    • Best for Executives, Leaders, Employees in a supervisory role.
    • Why is Accountability such a naughty word in the workplace? It’s simple, most leaders don’t know the 3 P’s of Accountability.
    • This presentation will train leaders and employees how to Win the Hearts of their teams and Maximize their true potential.
    • The 3 P’s of accountability are so simple and it’s important that you do them correctly to make it work.
    • Attendees will learn ways that they can improve their employees’ accountability within their organizations, and have a renewed commitment to their role as leader.



    • Imagine being forced to leave your home and country with no warning. Now what? This talk starts with Hernani’s real-life experience of being forced out of Africa and how the family survived.
    • It will illustrate how giving up is NOT an option and what you need to do survive, and how to translate this into your workplace.
    • This is an interactive speech that mirrors the 4 Leadership Laws of Winning as a Leader.
    • Attendees can expect to be energized by Hernani’s talk about when you face a challenge and how to lead yourself out of it.
    • This is an emotional speech and most attendees have shared this was their most memorable talk of all time. Best to have some Kleenex on hand.



    • Best for any Company that is going through a lot of change or about too.
    • Attendees will learn that Change is not bad and once you get rid of ‘Change’ from your vocabulary and replace it with ‘Improvements’, you’ll succeed much faster.
    • Why is the ‘Fear of Loss’ greater than the ‘Fear of Gain’? Attendees will leave wanting to embrace change.
    • Attendees will laugh and be inspired through this compelling case for all leaders to take their change seriously and optimistically.



    • Best for Sales Leaders and employees at any service level.
    • What’s the difference between a Sales Amateur and Sales Professional?
    • Everyone is a salesperson and can learn how to win the hearts of their guests.
    • Winning the hearts of your guests will generate more sales, less discounting and more long-term loyalty.
    • In this talk, Hernani will share his personal story of success from $50K in sales to over $4B in sales and lay out the 5 steps to unleashing your true sales potential.
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