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Ian Angell

Technology and Society Theorist
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Ian Angell is a technology and society theorist. He is a Professor Emeritus at LSE, and has been widely featured in the press as a prominent futurologist. He has spent many years looking into the impact of computerization on society and serves as a consultant to both governments and the EU to help manage the complexity of information systems.

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Keynote speaker Ian Angell is able to predict the socio-political and business consequences of Information and Communication Technologies. Ian has spent over four decades looking into the impact of computerization on society. He spent twenty-five years at the London School of Economics as the professor of Information Systems before being made Professor Emeritus. He now splits his time between research, writing books and articles, lecturing, consulting, and supporting the Alumnus Office at LSE.

Ian has published fifteen books, with translations into eight languages. His most recent book, on the folly of scientism, Science’s First Mistake, was written with Dionysios Demetis, and published in July 2010.  He has also been regularly featured in the press, radio and television worldwide because of his role as a prominent ‘futurologist’. For the past three decades Ian has been predicting that the abundant use of mathematical models in the financial sector “would all end in tears”. This caused differing view of him, the Times tagged him as “the Angell of Doom”, whereas the Independent on Sunday crowned him the “Prophet of the 21st Century”.

Diligent speaker Ian Angell is prominent on the international lecture circuit, and has done more than 120 presentations to major corporations. He has also been invited to speak at many major international universities and business schools.

His main focus is on the study of systemic risk, where he has recently been focusing on the complexity resulting from government regulations and bureaucracy. Angell has voiced his criticisms of problems caused by Intellectual Property Rights Regimes (he is Chairman of Creative Commons – England and Wales), Invasion of Privacy (he is a Trustee of Privacy International), Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, and Taxation. Angell also played a big part in the 2005 LSE Report on the UK scheme, which led to his team being singled out for attack at the Prime Ministers’ Question Time by Tony Blair because of comments in the Report that have later proved accurate.

However, keynote speaker Ian Angell is most known for his down-to-earth and outspoken views on e-commerce, as well as his radical no-nonsense support of Capitalism in the Information Age. This was also portrayed in his book The New Barbarian Manifesto. He has updated the work, this time with the internationally renowned Canadian tax lawyer David Lesperance. Under the title The Flight of the Golden Geese, they looked at the growing tension between governments and High Net Worth Individuals.

Angell has severed as a consultant for a number of governments and the EU to help manage the complexity of information systems. He was invited to present his ideas to the Malaysian National IT Council, after which he engaged in a one-hour private meeting with Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, the former prime minister. Ian has also been invited to one-to-one personal discussions with other highly prominent individuals, including George Soros at his estate in upstate New York, Bernd Pischetsrieder the then head of BMW and their offices in Munich, and Tony O’Reilly in Dublin.

Other jobs include being flown out to Washington by the CIA to a ‘thought-leader’ round table; joining an MI5 ‘stately home’ weekend at Ditchley Park, to discuss technology and organized crime; as well as going to Moscow at the invitation of the Russian Ministry of Science to consult on their brain-drain problem.

    Speaker Ian Angell Keynote Topics

    • How the socio-political natures of western societies are changing, giving my predictions for various business sectors.
    • How High Net Worth Individuals are reacting to excessive taxation.
    • The changing nature of money
    • The nature of innovation
    • How an excessive reliance of numbers is creating a breed of obsessive compulsive neurotic managers
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