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James Cooke

International Leadership & Management Expert and Consultant
Country: USA

Throughout his career keynote speaker James Cooke has given talks and workshops at an International and National level for Governments, Corporate Clients and Associations. By looking at the lessons of History, James will inform you on how to take these lessons and apply them to your Leadership to help you and your organisation fly.

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James Cooke graduated from Oxford University with MA in English Literature and gained his M.B.A from the London Business School. Following his education, James joined PA Management Consultants, one of Europe’s leading consultancy firms at the time, as one of eleven worldwide Management Consultants at the company.

Throughout his illustrious career, James has led consultancy firms, coached speakers and led major communications programs, such as designing, writing and delivering the UK Microelectronic Awareness series of talks and workshops to British Industry.  He was also involved in leading Margaret Thatcher’s initiative to promote training programs for secondary school graduates throughout the UK.

With his considerable experience, James engages his audiences by looking to history for lessons on Leadership, Strategy and Business Management as well as current cultural subjects. James’ previous keynotes have included topics such as The Industrial Revolution 1850-1900, The Italian Renaissance and Winston Churchill, an appraisal.

    Speaker James Cooke Keynote Topics

    • Leadership
    • Strategy
    • Business Management
    • History
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