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Technology speaker on the future of work


James Poulter

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Innovation & technology expert on how digital technology is changing the future of work and private life

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Technology speaker James Poulter is the former Head of The LEGO Group’s Emerging Platforms & Partnerships. James specializes in the impact and use of voice technology. He is also seasoned marketer and communications professional.

Why you should book speaker James Poulter

  • James’ experience with innovation and technology is quite impressive. He is the founder of Voice2, a VoiceFirst community, and Vixen Laps, a voice consultancy and design studio. At LEGO, he worked with technology and partners to boost customer’s engagement on a global basis.
  • Voice technology is just one example of how digitalization has completely changed the way we interact with each other. James’ keynotes and expertise can help you keep up on new technology trends so you don’t fall behind and lose customers.

As a thought leader, speaker James Poulter challenges the way we think about technology. He is the former Head of Emerging Technologies at Lego and is at the forefront of developing technologies and what is coming in the future. James is full of energy, passion and innovative ideas.

James is also a seasoned marketer and has over 10 years of experience with communication and social media. Prior to working at LEGO, he worked at one of the biggest public relations firms in the world, Edelman, where he oversaw digital marketing and social campaigns. This valuable experience allows him to relate technology trends to the real world.

As a speaker James Poulter is humorous and energetic. He understands how to keep the audience engaged even when it gets technical and hard to follow. In a digital world, his topics and expertise has never been more important. James believes we can and should change the way we experience technology to make it more empathetic and human for everyone.

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Keynote by speaker James Poulter

Voice Services and AI (The Voice Revolution) - How voice technologies will change the way consumers interact

  • In this keynote, speaker James Poulter looks at how voice technology has become an increasing use for everyday life. James explains how it can and will be used in the future and the benefits of emerging technology. James relates this to his work at LEGO and shares how they have used some of these new technologies.
Keynote by speaker James Poulter

How technology is changing the way we connect face-to-face

  • In this interesting keynote, James looks at the way we interact face-to-face, and how new technologies and emerging digital channels will change this for good. James also touches upon his work with LEGO and how they now interact with their customers.
Keynote by speaker James Poulter

The Ethics & Morality of Digital Technology

  • This talk revolves around technology and privacy. James questions if we live in an open-book society where everyone knows everything about each other. James talks about how our lives are changing because of technology and where ethics and morality fits in the digital culture.
Keynote by speaker James Poulter

Innovation of Play – Building a Playful Culture

  • Through his work with Lego, James explains how technology can be used to make work and life playful and fun – while creating learning experiences. You will learn how to attract more customers and clients through building playful cultures.
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    Speaker James Poulter on Augmented Reality

    See keynotes with James Poulter
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