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Renowned leadership advisor, motivational speaker and guru who will help you reach success and rebuild your life

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Motivational speaker James Arthur Ray is considered one of the leading leadership advisors in the world. James has a passion for helping people worldwide find their talents and change their life. He is an absolute top motivational speaker that you have to experience.

Why you should book speaker James Ray

  • James Ray is a charismatic and fantastic motivator and speaker. His knowledge and understanding of human behaviour and achieving goals is extremely impressive and he has proved time and time again that his techniques work.
  • As a businessman himself, he can easily relate to other businesses whether big or small. He has coached and consulted several businesses and individuals and has a talent for providing the right advice, strategy and techniques for achieving happiness and success.
  • James doesn’t just talk the talk. He has been through extremely hard times and knows what it’s like to struggle. He was able to rebuild himself and his business after a tragedy in 2009 and is ready to help you do the same.

Speaker James Ray has a background in consulting which is where he grew his passion for helping people reach new levels of success in their professional and personal lives. James is well known for his contribution to the renowned book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne as well as the documentary, in which he shares his view of how to get what you want by using the power of thought to achieve it. James is also the author of the New York Times bestseller Harmonic Wealth: The Secret of Attracting the Life You Want which was voted as one of the top celebrity reads by People Magazine in 2008. He is also a founder of several companies – one of them hitting the Inc. 500 list in 2009.

James Ray has been through ups and downs in his life. In 2009, tragedy struck and took the lives of three of his clients, however, James used his own belief and method to rebuild his life and reach goals and success. James came back stronger than ever and has proved that his techniques and mindset work. His story was told in the documentary Enlighten Us which was released on CNN and is now on Netflix. James has worked with great philosophers and studied spirituality, sociology, business and psychology. This, coupled with a whole lot of self-awareness, brings his knowledge and expertise to another level.

As a speaker James Ray is engaging and professional. He was awarded the Toastmasters award for Outstanding Communication and Leadership and has appeared on shows like Oprah, Larry King Live and The Today Show. James Ray is one of the biggest speakers in America and has spoken in front of many audiences all over the world. Below are examples of his most popular keynote topics.

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    Keynote by speaker James Ray

    Bulletproof Resilience

    • Self-awareness, unique gifts and withstanding daily negativity are the hallmarks of James presentation on Bulletproof Resilience.
    • This is a topic that James puts together in a dynamic presentation that has audiences on their feet.
    • James discusses findings from Harvard and Stanford Universities on the importance and meaning of building your own community, and developing a “growth mindset.”

    Keynote by speaker James Ray

    Grit to Greatness

    • In this fascinating keynote, James reveals the secret of having grit
    • The audience will learn how to develop an “autotelic” personality and join the ranks of great minds, like Albert Einstein, by mastering this method of thinking.
    • Learn how to build a realistic timeline and how to use it successfully in your professional and private life.

    Keynote by speaker James Ray

    Coming Back Strong

    • In this keynote, James discusses why true transformation is disruptive and uncomfortable, and why it’s the only way to achieve a new level of creativity, innovation, and increased productivity.
    • The audience will understand how to control adversity, get through it and coming back stronger than ever.
    • Learn about why strategies, outcomes and approaches may change, but purpose does not. Learn the essentials of “Strategic Quitting.”

    Keynote by speaker James Ray

    The Art of Warrior Leadership

    • In this very popular talk, James presents his characteristic no-nonsense approach to understanding the theories of “Self-Command” and how to follow the commands that you give to yourself.
    • The audience will learn how to lead by example in a fresh, new approach and the difference between positional power and true leadership.
    • This keynote is perfect for leaders on all levels.
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Keynote topics with James Ray