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Jamie Jewitt

Model & charity campaigner
Country: UK

British model keynote speaker Jamie Jewitt just finished filming sessions for the reality dating show “Love Island” and is now focusing on issues he considers to be passions of his: making documentaries that are interesting and inspiring and actively doing something about the vital problems of the world today.

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Jewitt’s much anticipated TEDX speak on the 28th of October at Royal Holloway will be based on the title “Ctrl, Alt, Delete”, thus focusing on the power of the digital world we inhabit today and how digital culture affects the mind and our very way of thinking on a day to day basis.

An already successful and established model Jamie Jewitt is sometimes called the next David Gandy.

Jewitt is a  true charity campaigner, and he has just returned from an experience that changed his life, visiting Refugee Camps in Greece. Keen on carrying on his work relating to the Refugee crisis, he is also teaming up with other charities in order to make as much awareness as at all possible!

    Speaker Jamie Jewitt Keynote Topics

    • Charity Work
    • Philanthropy
    • Influential Marketing
    • Mental Health
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