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Jeff Baxter

Guitarist, Advisor & Keynote Speaker
Country: USA

Our keynote speaker Jeff Baxter, also known as Skunk, is probably best known for being one of the founding members of Steely Dan and Grammy-winning guitarist in the Doobie Brothers. However, Jeff Baxter is also a national security expert and speaker on problem-solving and innovation.

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How does someone go from being a rock musician to a national security expert? Keynote speaker Jeff Baxter has always had an interest for technology and quickly became self-taught in the area of military technology and missile defense systems. He wrote up a paper that proposed converting a ship-based anti-aircraft missile system into a rudimentary missile defense system, passed it onto the right people and his new career started taking form.

Inspired by music, Jeff has an unconventional way of thinking. Seeing something not for what it’s meant to do, but what it’s able to do. This allows him to constantly be innovative and think ahead.

As a speaker Jeff Baxter is one of a kind. His way of combining the art of music with problem-solving and corporate adversities is unique and entertaining while being very educating. His methods and ideas are game-changers for anyone from students to large corporate firms. Jeff’s keynotes are engaging, funny and extremely interesting and educating. You will open your eyes and look at everything differently. Jeff Baxter also does presentations with him playing guitar to illustrate his ideas and concepts. 


Watch speaker Jeff Baxter in action:

    Keynote by Speaker Jeff Baxter

    Tipping the Scales: Using Asymmetrical Thinking to Change the Rules in Your Favor

    • There are good companies, and there are great. What separates the two from each other?
    • Great companies are constantly trying to out-think their competition and this is exactly where Jeff’s expertise lies.
    • In this keynote, Jeff Baxter will teach his audience how to think in new ways as he strips down old-fashioned business models to show the outdated flaws.
    • Good thinkers think out-of-the-box. Great thinkers transcend the box completely.

    Keynote by Speaker Jeff Baxter

    Problem Solving in the 21st Century

    • In today’s world, we are faced with threats, struggles and competition that can affect our organizations.
    • Knowing how to solve problems and overcoming adversities is a valuable skill to have.
    • In this keynote, Jeff Baxter will teach his audience his methods, ideas and concepts and combine them with examples from his own life, history and music.
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