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Jeffrey Hayzlett

TV & Radio Host and bestselling Author
Country: USA

Our keynote speaker Jeffrey Hayzlett is a global business celebrity. His experience and outstanding knowledge about business growth, communications and marketing make him a highly sought-after public speaker. His charismatic speeches drive and deliver change for his clients.

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Change agent with a leadership focus

Jeffrey is a global business celebrity with a down to earth character. He is a leading business expert and primetime TV and Radio Host. His business insights, comments and interviews with other business celebrities are highly acknowledged.

Jeffrey is able to dig deep, discuss and analyze business success. He can come up with creative improvements for any kind of company from small business to international corporation.Involved in various businesses, Jeffrey is currently leading the Hayzlett Group and is Chairman of TallGrass Public Relations. He is also Co-Founder and Chairman of C-Suite Network, the most powerful network of c-suite leaders.

Jeffrey has successfully authored two bestselling books. These provide inspiration and tools for changes in business and show how barriers can be broken down and creativity can be enforced.

In his keynotes Jeffrey, deeply rooted in cowboy lore and always wearing cowboy boots, gives humorous but realistic tips for boosting businesses. He has the ability to motivate the audience from the first second. Jeffrey is a top professional speaker and feels like a fish in water when giving keynotes. Jeffrey talks about leadership, innovation and how change management can drive business growth.

He has a variety of carefully tailored keynote speeches and workshops, which he regularly presents all over the world.

    Keynote by Speaker Jeffrey Hayzlett

    Running The Gauntlet

    • Running The Gauntlet is a rough-and-tumble guide for running and driving change through the business gauntlet. In this keynote, Jeffrey addresses what every business leader must face: Getting Ready, Getting Going, and Creating and Sustaining Momentum. He forces leaders to really get up in their own businesses – to take them over from the inside and drive change – gaining customers and profits in the process. Jeffrey motivates and leads attendees to be able to efficiently assess what kind of change their business needs and then summon the vision, courage, and passion to enact it.

    Keynote by Speaker Jeffrey Hayzlett

    118 Pitch

    • The Elevator Pitch 2.0. Get the Lean-In Factor and close the deal in 118 seconds. No matter what you’re selling, be it your product, your service, your message, anything, to catch and maintain the attention of your customer, you need to have a well-polished elevator pitch, or what marketing Jeffrey calls your 118 Pitch. Grab the attention in the first 8 seconds, and then bring it home in 110 seconds; that’s your elevator pitch. Do it well, and you’ll have customers eating from your hand.

    Keynote by Speaker Jeffrey Hayzlett

    Future Trends of marketing:

    • What are CMOs and senior marketers going to experience and how can they be prepared for it? Helping CMOs answer the questions from their CEOs – they’re ready. What questions do you have for my answers.

    Keynote by Speaker Jeffrey Hayzlett

    Social Media – The 4 Es:

    • Learn the social media rules that will build your community, from engaging, exciting, educating and evangelizing.
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