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Jitske Kramer

"The Corporate Tribe " Anthropology
Country: Netherlands

Speaker Jitske Kramer is a successful corporate anthropologist and presenter. She is an expert in the field of diversity and inclusion as well as a best-selling author. Her passionate presentations release undiscovered potentials and teach powerful leadership. Drawing from 15 years of experience Jitske Kramer is able to deliver hands-on long-lasting intercultural solutions for companies across industries.
Photographer: Eric Brinkhorst 

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Jitske Kramer is a strong believer in diversity and building strong tribes. She is convinced that the world can become a place that makes inclusion safe and easy. Her personal contribution to this mission takes place in organizations. An expert and awarded coach, Jitske Kramer helps companies to create corporate cultures based on diversity and international teamwork.

With professional trainings she helps small companies as well as multinational corporations to facilitate communication across cultures. She improves the atmosphere for working together and by this fosters economical power. She is dedicated to fix human fragmentation and to (re)connect people through their differences.

Her entertaining and authentic talks are highly rated among her attendees. Jitske is an inspiring and innovative speaker who is able create understanding and common ground between cultures by exploring and explaining differences.

Jitske Kramer is a trained ethnographer, who entered the world of coaching, training and consulting over 15 years ago. In 2013, she received the award ’Trainer of the Year’. She is the co-founder and director of The Culture Academy and the bestseller author of the books Deep Democracy (Dutch), De Corporate Tribe (Dutch), Managing Cultural Dynamics and Wow! What a difference.

Jitske is an in-demand speaker who dares you to challenge the obvious. Every day.


    Speaker Jitske Kramer Keynote Topics

    • Intercultural communication / working international
    • Diversity & inclusion
    • The Corporate Tribe and culture change
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