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JJ Brun

Interpersonal Skills Expert & Retired Spy
Country: Canada

Keynote speaker JJ Brun is a Retired Spy. Using his ample experience and training from the Canadian Forces, including a long career in the Intelligence Branch, he teaches audiences how to read people. His work is popular with those who need to be able to read people in order to get their ideas and proposals through; law enforcement, HR, politicians, and business leaders alike.

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JJ Brun, who is perhaps better known as the Retired Spy, is an Interpersonal Skills Expert. This expertise is internationally recognized for its utilization of cultural insights as a strategy to achieve effective communication, relations, and connections across cultures. JJ Brun has developed an immense talent for helping people get their ideas across simply by learning how to read others.

JJ Brun was trained by the military to operate in hostile environments, and to work with and get valuable intelligence from skeptical locals. He was with the Canadian Forces in Bosnia where, amid the chaos of blurred front lines and unstable loyalties, he gained a crucial network of local contacts, and as such established critical cooperation using some of the techniques he now teaches his audiences.

Following his service to the Canadian Forces, including 15 years within the Intelligence Branch, JJ Brun continued his training. He is now a master-trainer in DISC methodology – a behavior assessment technique – and an expert in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). He is the founder of JJ Communications Inc., a training company dedicated to inform and enlighten people on the subject of human behavior and effective communication practices.

Whether you are communicating with employees, colleagues or family or involved in negotiations, JJ Brun’s keynotes are guaranteed to get you buy-in. Using entertaining and captivating stories from the field and from home, he teaches his audiences how to read others, and how effective communication can help us reach our goals.

    Keynote by Speaker JJ Brun

    Presenting Ideas and Getting Buy-in

    Ever had a great idea shot down by a skeptic? Discover the way to communicate and gain buy-in when presenting an idea to your audience every time you speak. World-class communicator, JJ Brun shares 3 keys that will equip you to connect with any group for maximum impact. Imagine what you could accomplish:

    • Learn why many people fail to be convincing.
    • Learn to enhance your ability to connect and communicate by design and not by chance.
    • Learn to identify the communication patterns for an individual or group.
    • Learn how to present the same idea in four different ways to ensure buy-in.
    • Learn to read, identify and overcome doubts, reservations, hesitation and objections.

    Whether you are communicating with employees, colleagues or family or involved in negotiations, you will get buy-in after hearing this keynote. He uses entertaining and captivating stories from the field and from home to help his audiences see how changing a few words can make a world of difference when they can read people.


    Keynote by Speaker JJ Brun

    The People Puzzle

    • Brun is a retired spy for the Canadian Military and an expert on how to read people. He delivers an entertaining and educational presentation that appeals to everyone in either his or her business and personal lives. In this 60 minute presentation  (in either English or French) they will learn  so much about themselves and about each other that it will leave  the women rolling their eyes and the men shaking their heads in awe of their new-found discoveries. With wonderful anecdotes, Brun takes us on a tour of why people do and say the things they do. And why they don’t always follow our advice or accept our ideas.
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