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Joe Boyd

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Creative Leader and Master Storyteller

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Keynote speaker Joe Boyd is a creative leader and master storyteller with an eclectic background as an entrepreneur, movie producer, actor, author, pastor, improviser and author. He speaks at live events for approximately 200,000 people per year. He is famous for his non-assuming story-based speaking style, comedic timing and motivational emotional engagement.

Joe Boyd began his career as an ordained Christian pastor before a transition to the entertainment industry as an actor (General Hospital, Lucky You), screenwriter, movie producer and award-winning film director. He still works as an actor, starring in the romantic comedy A Strange Brand of Happy opposite Rebecca St. James and Academy Award winner Shirley Jones. The film expects a theatrical release in 2013.

A pioneer of the blogosphere, www.joeboydblog.com, entered its tenth year in 2012 with over 4,000 daily subscribers. Joe also writes for www.patheos.com, a leading voice in non-confrontational spiritual conversation between people of different faith backgrounds. He is the author of the fantasy novel Between Two Kingdoms (Standard, 2010) and is currently writing Improvisational Leadership, due out in 2013.

Joe studied and performed for years as a comedic improviser with renowned Saturday Night Live feeder-company, The Second City. Captivated by the groundwork of freedom, collaboration, play and teamwork he discovered as an improviser, Joe has developed a leadership and life philosophy around the tenants of improvisation.

For all of his endeavors, Joe is at his very best alone on a stage. He can hold any audience with his improvisational narrative style. The reviews are virtually the same everywhere he speaks:

“He made me laugh and think and cry. Then at the end, he made me want to jump up and go do something that matters.”

Joe’s not a typical wildly animated motivational speaker. He has forged a unique style of making the listener feel like they are alone in a living room having a relaxed conversation about the important things of life.

Joe lives in Cincinnati with his wife, two sons and a beagle named Charlie.

See keynotes with Joe Boyd

    Keynote by Speaker Joe Boyd

    Improvisational Leadership

    • As a veteran of improvisational comedy, Joe walks through the rules of improv as leadership tenants. Full of stories and comedy, this lecture is as fun as it is informational and engaging.


    Keynote by Speaker Joe Boyd

    All You Need is One Good Story

    • As a master storyteller, Joe reveals the truth that every major decision anyone makes is based on a story. He shows that facts and data are virtually useless outside of a compelling narrative. Pulling from his unique experiences as an actor, director, preacher and author he teaches people how to tell simple stories to get the results they want.


    Keynote by Speaker Joe Boyd

    Wake Up! The Five Big Regrets of the Dying

    • Joe unveils the top regrets of people on their deathbed and how to avoid them. All of them are relational (loving people) or internal (following your dreams). The truth is, if you get ahead in life without real friends and an inner compass you will end up miserable in the end.


    Keynote by Speaker Joe Boyd

    No Limit Life

    • At 38, Joe has been a pastor, actor, producer, author, blogger, comedian, and even a professional gambler. He autobiographically walks through his unorthodox career path to show how one person can have many different interests and careers.


    Keynote by Speaker Joe Boyd

    Upside Down Leadership

    • This lecture used to be called “How to Lead like Jesus without Being Crucified.” If the environment is suitable, the life of Jesus is used as an upside-down, counter-intuitive way of looking at leadership and motivation. Everything Jesus did should not have sparked an international movement, but it did. This lecture can also be done teaching the principles of Upside Down Leadership without mentioning Jesus. Either way, it is not a religious lecture but focused only on Jesus as a historical leader of a people movement. Joe never discusses his personal religious beliefs in non-religious contexts.


    All lectures exist as 50-minute speeches, but can easily be shortened or expanded to fit the context. Some of them can be expanded into a series of speeches.

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