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Joe MacInnis

Physician, Author and Explorer
Country: Canada

Keynote speaker Joe MacInnis is a physician, motivational speaker, author and explorer. He has led or participated in more than 50 major undersea expeditions – including his dive to the Titanic. He has spoken to hundreds of fortune 500 audiences in North America, Europe and the Far East. MacInnis shares his leadership insights from high-risk environments.

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Dr. Joe MacInnis is a physician-scientist and author who studies leadership in high-risk environments—deep leadership —and how its components are able to make us better leaders.

He has led ten research expeditions under the ice of the Arctic Ocean, worked with scientists two miles under the Atlantic and Pacific and spent time with astronauts who built the International Space Station. Supported by the Canadian Forces, he went to Afghanistan to interview soldiers fighting the Taliban.

In 2012, MacInnis was the electronic journalist and backup physician for James Cameron’s DEEPSEA CHALLENGE expedition. During the thirteen dives, including Cameron’s epic,
seven-mile descent into the Challenger Deep, he kept a daily journal and took video and still photographs. His journal was on the National Geographic website www.deepseachallenge.com

As a motivational speaker, MacInnis has delivered keynote presentations on leadership to General Electric,  IBM, Microsoft, and the US Naval Academy. The author of ten books, his
research has earned him six honorary degrees and Canada’s highest honor, the Order of Canada.

    Keynote by Speaker Joe MacInnis

    FROM TITANIC TO CHALLENGER DEEP – Leadership insights from high-risk environments

    • Dr. Joe MacInnis recently spent 80 days working with James Cameron on his DEEPSEA CHALLENGE project as digital journalist and team physician. MacInnis recorded the final construction of the new sub, the initial tests in Australia, the first research dives in Papua New Guinea, and Cameron’s epic, seven mile dive into the Marina Trench.
    • With this presentation, Dr. MacInnis uses dramatic video clips and photographs to bring you on a journey undersea. This includes footage of his first dive to the Titanic, the challenge of leading a $5-million expedition to film in Imax format, and the Discovery channel first-ever live broadcast from the sunken ship’s upper decks.
    • Along the way, he introduces you to essential components of deep leadership and how they can be applied to your personal and professional life.
    • Working with the meeting planner, he designs each presentation to reinforce the theme of the meeting.
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