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John Avianantos

Coach on Sales and Motivation
Country: USA

Keynote speaker John Avianantos provides programs with emphasis on motivation, sales, keynotes and inspiration. Over 2,000 companies have utilized John as their speaker. All programs are customized to fit your specific needs.

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Book now at: +44 (0)20 3744 5675 (UK)
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Coach John offers inspirational advice and tools for Sales, Motivation and Management

John Avianantos has gained popularity in the speaking business (over 2,000 presentations) because of his inspirational, entertaining, and compelling programs. His unique guarantee allows audience evaluation of the program to determine his final fee. “I don’t get paid to show up, but to provide cutting edge concepts that work in a manner everyone enjoys and remembers.”

Each of John’s programs are unmatched in fun and meaningful ideas the audience can utilize immediately. John uses props, audio visual enhancement, printed handouts for all in attendance with all the key ideas from the program, and 50 and 100 dollar bills as participation awards to provide you with a different and meaningful program. Your audience will have fun, be entertained, and be introduced to many new and innovative ideas. Your attendees will leave John’s program invigorated and eager to “get better” in all aspects of life.

John’s KEYNOTES are powerful and full of examples and stories that have an emotional impact on the audience. Add new and innovative ideas to the positive feelings and your audience will have laughed, learned, and maybe even became so emotional that they cried because of John’s high impact program. 65% of John’s clients have him back for a second program.

    Keynote by Speaker John Avianantos


    • “How to Improve Your Business, Rejuvenate Your Employees, and Increase the Bottom Line”


    Keynote by Speaker John Avianantos


    • “10 Secrets to Personal Success”
    • “How to Get Excited, Get Results, and Get What You Want in Life”


    Keynote by Speaker John Avianantos


    • “How to Manage Your Time, Your Workers, and Your Success”
    • “The 20 Principles of Successful Leadership”
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