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John Dano

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Engaging keynote speaker, trainer and facilitator training organizations and individuals to achieve success

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For over a decade, facilitator and speaker John Dano has been training groups and individuals to achieve success. His engaging and fun keynotes are full of actionable advice. Dano is often described as a “keynote trainer” who, rather than just talking about skills in a presentation, directly helps teams and audience practice and acquire them in the moment through “gamification” and his uniquely effective program of “Scientific Selling.”

Keynote speaker John Dano is the founder and CEO of eCenter Management. Since 2008 he has personally provided training and private consulting services to business owners and executives who want to take their enterprises to a next level of success. Whether he is working one-on-one or in front of a crowd, Dano’s style is fast paced, energetic and highly engaging.

As a certified Master Facilitator and speaker John Dano travels across the US and internationally on the speaking circuit. In his popular talks, he shares practical tools and techniques that can lead to dynamic business growth with large audiences.

John Dano holds a MA in Communications from the New York Institute of Technology – he even served as adjunct professor there at the age of 23. He acquired his BS degree in Speech Communications from Missouri Western State University, where he played NCAA baseball as a four year starter.

Let Dano inspire, entertain and teach you how to achieve success in your professional and personal life!


See keynotes with John Dano

    Keynote by speaker John Dano

    “Enduring Pain Knowing You Will Win!” – Predictable & Scientific Performance Results

    • What you don’t know about “Dano” is that he currently holds the NCAA Division II College Baseball Hit By Pitch Record that has yet to be broken in over 14 years. The fact that he holds the record is one thing, but how and why he did it is simply the SCIENCE OF PREDICTABLE PERFORMANCE RESULTS.
    • “Dano” has traveled from the West Coast to the East Coast with no money, no clear future, but was trained early in his childhood that if you want to win “NO PAIN NO GAIN!” This breakthrough talk will bring you to your past, address your present, and will help you predict your future.
    • This inspiring talk is for audiences who are trying to leap from one area of expertise to another. For audience transitioning from old thinking to new thinking, or from one stage in life or business to another.
    • Keynote speaker John Dano will walk you through how to predict the struggles or pain you will face—and massive results of “enduring the pain knowing you will win.”
    • WARNING: All of Dano’s talks are highly interactive. Audiences will be engaged, challenged, and will remember this keynote forever.


    Keynote by speaker John Dano

    Once upon a time – Your stories are all you need to get what you want NOW!

    • It’s so easy with the access to technology, and the influence of social media to want the next greatest bell and whistle tactic or idea to get us what YOU want. The entire self-help, weight loss, and motivational industry is built on TRY THIS and BUY THAT. However, this program proves and showcases that all you need is YOU and YOUR stories to get what you want today.
    • This program uncovers the art and science of storytelling to achieve dreams and goals in practical ways, and it entails a strong dose of perspective and insights on how one point of view can instantly change the way you think, and take action.
    • Keynote speaker John Dano takes you through his stories and tells you exactly how he has achieved sports, business, and family life by being authentic, working hard, and creating simple steps so you get what you want.

Interview with John Dano

What got you interested in motivating others to achieve success?

I played sports my entire life. I think the creativity and discipline to help motivate teammates and to be a leader has always been in my DNA but was enhanced as an athlete through college.

What are 3 habits for success?

  • Take action quickly and correct what is not working even faster.
  • Don’t lie – so you don’t have to remember what you told people.
  • Don’t do things that don’t map towards your goals.

What makes a good speaker in your opinion?

Engagement with audience. So many of us as speakers are online. Why hear what is already online in a video? I love bringing learning to life through challenging the audience and being spontaneous with my facilitation style.

What experiences have helped shape your way of thinking?

I had great mentors early in my 20’s.

Do you have any role models or individuals who inspire you?

I really admire CEOs of businesses that are producing some serious revenue 10M to 30M. I love how they have built something sustainable – yet are really trying to live a great life.

How are your keynote presentations unique?

Just come to one! You can’t explain unique…I think its experienced.

See keynotes with John Dano
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