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Engagement, entertainment and enlightenment are just a small part of his keynotes


John C. Havens

travels from USA

Technology and well-being expert, actor and writer with captivating stories that only few speakers can match

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15 years as a successful actor on Broadway film and TV, keynote speaker John Havens has honed skills, stories and experiences that very few speakers can match. He has a motivating and compelling presence and delivers complex themes in a way that provides insight and value for audiences. Technology trends, communications and happiness are John’s key areas of expertise.

Most business speakers have not appeared in principal roles on Broadway, Film and TV. Even fewer could tell you stories they’ve heard and experienced on sets or stages with people like Christopher Walken, Rene Russo, or Jerry Orbach. As a professional performer, John Havens honed the speaking and presentation skills that have made him a successful professional for over fifteen years in New York City – the town with the toughest, yet greatest, audiences in the world.

It is John’s rare combination of a professional actor’s background coupled with his business expertise and thought leadership that make him such a sought-after speaker.  His primary focus for any presentation is to understand/identify with his audiences (so he can provide the most specific and valuable presentation) and then tell them a story to move and motivate them instead simply standing on a stage and pointing at slides.

Keynote speaker John Havens is particularly skilled taking complicated technological ideas and presenting them with a cultural and business context that provides immediate value and broad understanding. Rather than simply list trends or explain how a technology works, John provides statistics, case studies, and compelling research to provide insights that will provide genuine, workable value for his audiences.

John is currently a contributing writer for The Guardian, Mashable and The Huffington Post. He is the published author of the book, Tactical Transparency: How Leaders Can Leverage Social Media to Maximize Value and Build their Brand and his latest work is H(app)y – The Value of Well-Being in A Digital Economy.

As a marketer, John Havens has been a thought leader in the Social and Emerging Media fields since 2005 and is a fellow at the Society of New Communications Resources (SNCR). He worked at About.com, BlogTalkRadio.com, and as the EVP for Social Media at Porter Novelli. He has provided valuable counseling for clients such as Wal-Mart, P&G, Gillette, HP, Salesforce/Work.com, Merck, and Monster.com.

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    Keynote by Speaker John Havens

    Augmented Reality & Virtual Advertising:

    The Rise of Virtual Advertising and the Future of Consumer Communications

    • Google’s Project Glass and Microsoft’s Kinect both feature technologies that let users see digital/virtual data covering an image from the real world. Meaning, in essence, they can place messages or ads directly in front of the eyes of your customers or employees.  While Augmented Reality (AR), the technology behind these products, is relatively new, multiple global brands including Qualcomm, AT&T, Ericsson, IBM, BMW and more are using this new form of visual communication to capture the hearts and eyeballs of customers.
    • Keynote speaker John Havens is a recognized expert in the field of Augmented Reality along with the privacy and advertising ramifications of where this technology will lead as a widespread form of communications. Based on his Mashable article, Who Owns the Advertising Space in an Augmented Reality World, this presentation will provide case studies to audiences about companies using this technology, why AR is such a seminal game changer in the advertising world, and how companies and organizations can plan for the future around this culture-shaping form of communication.


    Keynote by Speaker John Havens

    Big Data & Emerging Technology:

    How Big Data Can Make Us Happier and Healthier

    • Trends like Quantified Self (QS) are coming to the forefront of consumer’s consciousness, with tools like fitbit helping people measure everything from their weight to their sleep, sex patterns, and general health.  The industries around QS are booming – health, insurance, sports, and apps are growing at an alarming rate.  The trend of Big Data is also exploding, with brands hurrying to understand how to best analyze the massive amounts of information about their organizations and customers and how to best provide insights around what they’ve learned.
    • Based on his recent Mashable article on the topic, this presentation will help you learn about the rise of QS and Big Data, and why it’s essential for every company to learn how people are measuring their actions and the immediate repercussions this has on your business.  Tracking consumer behavior has become easier than ever, but companies must utilize Big Data with a sensitivity to privacy and permissions to best learn how to create lasting relationships with customers.  Learn about the massive importance of these trends, and how to analyze their growth with the how-to oriented insights that John will present.


    Keynote by Speaker John Havens

    Well Being & Happiness:

    Well-Being in the Modern Workplace – How Emerging Media and Happiness will Affect Your Bottom Line

    • The study of happiness is exploding – the United Nations has issues its first World Happiness Report, and countries all around the world like Bhutan, the UK, and China are issuing reports based on hundreds of thousands of interviews from people describing what makes them happy and why.
    • These trends of studying well being – the science and economics of happiness – have entered the workforce. More and more research is proving that employees who are happy, who feel a sense of meaning and purpose at their work, are more productive and valuable for their employers. Based on his Mashable article (and upcoming book from Tarcher/Penguin), The Value of a Happiness Economy, keynote speaker John Havens will teach you why the global trend of analyzing well being is so critical for employers to understand, and how they can utilize existing tools to measure and improve their employee’s happiness.


“John has a magical ability to effortlessly weave expertise, intelligence, innovation, and pedagogy all into one to talk about the most challenging and exciting transformations of our time in technology. As masters of ceremony alongside his family for a global conference on AI held at UNESCO headquarters, his humour, heart, artistry, and humanity were appreciated by all alongside his clear mastery of the subject. Rendering complicated ideas accessible to all, he has the capacity to adapt to all audiences and situations with a minute’s notice. It was a pleasure working with him, and I look forward to continuing our cooperation going forward.”

Sasha Ruebel

Programme Specialist, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization(UNESCO)

"John energetically presents a roadmap for companies on how to leverage social media to grow their business"

The Wall Street Journal

"Thank you so much for your dynamic and engaging presentation. I think you hit all the marks; technology, data, healthcare, patient care - while keeping it real, and always reminding us of the value of humanity. Your presentation was not only educational and fun, but also inspiring and motivating. I wanted more! And, so did our staff."

New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation

“The most thought-provoking and action-oriented sessions at this year’s Foresight & Trends conference was John Havens' Happathon platform. Besides his dynamic and engaging presentation skills, he took the topic of happiness and proved that it could be measured. He provided ways to take what he spoke about and activate it personally and professionally. I didn’t want the session to end. We need someone like John to empower and educate our company on how to approach and embed happiness & wellbeing in the workplace and apply metrics to that.

Janis Gaufelli

Senior Manager| Manager Trend Insights, Takasago Inc.
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