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John Kornblum

Expert on Economic and Political Affairs
Country: Germany

As an expert on transatlantic economic and political affairs keynote speaker John Kornblum is able to enlighten audiences on these issues. His extensive knowledge combined with his many years of experience makes Kornblum an interesting speaker for your next event. He lectures and writes widely in both German and English and will be able to inspire audiences with his captivating stories.

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Known as an entertaining writer and speaker, John Kornblum is one of the leading experts on transatlantic economic and political affairs and on the evolving role of the Atlantic community in a multipolar world. He lectures and writes widely in both German and English and is known especially for his press and television commentaries on the implications of globalization on both sides of the Atlantic.

During his more than 30 years of diplomatic service, Kornblum has played an active role in several of the major events leading to the end of the Cold War. Since 2001, he has worked in the private sector, including eight years as German Chairman of the international investment bank Lazard Freres.  Since 2008 he has served as Senior Counsellor at the international law firm Noerr LLP and has been advisor to a number of European and American corporations.

Furthermore as a diplomat, John Kornblum served exclusively in Washington and Europe. After participating in the Quadripartite Negotiations on Berlin from 1970 -1973, he returned to Washington for a decade of important assignments, including service on Henry Kissinger’s Policy Planning Staff. In this period, he played an important role in  formulating American policy in the emerging fields of  human rights and conflict prevention and later devised methods to establish these goals within the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

Kornblum later served as US Minister and Deputy Commandant in a divided Berlin, where he was responsible for Ronald Reagan’s speech at the Brandenburg Gate in 1987, and as Deputy American Ambassador for NATO in Brussels.  John Kornblum was Ambassador and head of the US delegation to the OSCE in Helsinki and Vienna 1991 – 1994. As Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs from 1995 to 1997, Kornblum served as deputy chief during the 1995 Balkan peace negotiations.

Later, as Special Envoy to the Balkans, he oversaw the implementation of the Dayton Agreement. In this same period, Kornblum also helped conceive a revised American security concept for Europe, leading to the enlargement of NATO. From 1997 to 2001, he was the American Ambassador for Germany.

In addition to his business activities, John Kornblum has served on a number of private and public boards including Bayer AG, Thyssen Krupp Technologies, Motorola Europe and Russell Reynolds Inc. He is a Trustee of several organizations, including the American chamber of Commerce in Germany, the American Academy in Berlin and a member of the Board of the Deutsche Oper in Berlin and of DICO, Deutsches Institut for Community Organizing. In 2011, John Kornblum was appointed to the German Chancellor’s Advisory Board on Immigration and Integration. He is also the founding Chairman of the John F. Kennedy Atlantic Forum, which was established in June 2013 to activate the spirit of President Kennedy by focusing the principles of entrepreneurship within the trans-Atlantic dialogue. For his role in the Balkans, John Kornblum was made an honorary citizen of Sarajevo in 1997.

    Speaker John Kornblum Keynote Topics

    • The Euro and the Future of Europe
    • Mission America: World Power at the turning point
    • German-American relations in policy and economy
    • Wikileaks and the consequences
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