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Jonathan Gabay

Marketing and Branding expert
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Jonathan Gabay has worked with some of the world’s largest and most impressive brands and agencies. He is a top rated speaker and highly respected in the worlds of branding and marketing. He has a unique ability to captivate audiences, deliver effective strategies and useful insight on brand-related issues which get to the heart of any event.

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Creative Brand Insights

Some of the world’s biggest brands and their agencies trust and work with Jonathan Gabay.

He has offered insigh on commercial, political, sports and entertainment and business stories for major news outlets such as ITN, BBC, Bloomberg, CNN, Channel 4, Channel 5, ABC and many more.

He has addressed business gatherings all over the world and graduates at various major global academic institutions.

He is consistently the most sought after speaker at Chartered Institute of Marketing. He also delivers captivating, up to the minute lectures to senior managers around the world.

Leading business organisations as well as UK FTSE companies in sectors ranging from finance and technology to FMCG and travel, feature Jonathan’s award winning copywriting and marketing strategies.

His vast experience gained while working for some of the best known creative agencies and top notch brands in the industry – heading up departments at the UK’s top agencies, among them, Saatchi & Saatchi Direct – has helped shape his work as an author

Jonathan is the author behind 12 best selling business books, many of which are now recognised at benchmark texts for marketing study having been translated into over 52 languages.

The rare fusion of corporate experience, audience rapport and outstanding creativity gives Gabay significant status on the speaking and conference circuit. By avoiding jargon, ‘the camouflage of the incompetent’ and dry analytical prose, his approach provides insight and entertainment in equal measure and his incisive comment on brand-related issues, get to the heart of any event.

    Speaker Jonathan Gabay Keynote Topics

    • Brand strategy
    • Marketing strategy for directors
    • Creative advertising
    • Marketing and propaganda
    • Leadership for directors
    • Dealing with creative suppliers
    • Brands in the news
    • Establishing and re-establishing trust in business Marketing and ethics The future of training Public Relations – where next?
    • Web 2.O and social networking on the web The future of marketing International branding Marketing design Terrorism and marketing
    • Marketing for government bodies Reinventing Yourself (team building – a highly inspirational and interactive talk)
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