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Jonathan Salem Baskin

Inspired & informed voice on innovation
Country: USA

Keynote speaker Jonathan Salem Baskin has written seven books, is a regular magazine columnist, and leads a consultancy dedicated to helping established companies realize value from communicating on innovation.

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Jonathan is founder and president of Arcadia Communications Lab, a 27-person global collaborative solely focused on helping established businesses get value from communicating about innovation.

He is regularly quoted by the news media because he speaks honestly and passionately about today’s latest trends, “providing thinking that goes way beyond what could be found with a Google search,” according to one client. He has over three decades of experience marketing some of the world’s biggest brands, having run communications for Limited, Blockbuster and Nissan, while later advising such iconic brands as Apple.

Jonathan was a regular contributor to Forbes and Advertising Age, wrote extensively on technology and brands for InformationWeek, and created the marketing category content for Answers.com. Baskin has written seven books on brands, marketing and culture, and has recently published a news site dedicated to stories about big company innovation, called Innovation Communicator.

He is a Senior Fellow Emeritus at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, and received a degree in English Literature from Colby College, Waterville, Maine.

    Keynote by Speaker Jonathan Salem Baskin

    It’s though to pretend you’re a small company. So don’t.

    • Innovation has become a buzzword used most often to describe the qualities evidenced by technology and start up companies. This disadvantages established companies from the get-go, convincing them to discount the very qualities that made them big, and act in ways that disadvantage them in the marketplace. Jonathan has studied almost 300 of the world’s largest public companies and developed a list of best practices that unleash true innovation, and allow established business to recognize its value.


    Keynote by Speaker Jonathan Salem Baskin

    A new Conversation about Innovation.

    • It’s no longer enough to announce innovative projects once they’re completed; media and customers alike expect to be involved in both the vision and ongoing narrative of such work. This challenges established businesses to rethink how they approach sharing earned, paid and owned content. Jonathan’s firm has advised dozens of the world’s largest public companies on how to maximize these new opportunities, and can share those tips updated with the company’s latest insights.


    Keynote by Speaker Jonathan Salem Baskin

    Innovation Value beyond Innovation.

    Although there’s a vast ecosystem set up for innovators to talk about innovation to other innovators, much (if not most) of corporate innovation never reaches a mainstream audience, nor does it stand out as unique, proprietary, or even memorable. Jonathan’s firm has pioneered campaigns to translate even the most complex technology innovations into content that resonates with a variety of audiences, thereby multiplying many times over the opportunities for that innovation to be valued. He shares the how-to for this approach in easy, repeatable steps.

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