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Joy Marsden

Motivational Leadership and Change Speaker
Country: UK

Joy Marsden is a highly sought after keynote speaker, inspirational trainer and coach working in Business and Education. Her down to earth – yet powerful insights sharpen self-leadership skills and increase personal power. Joy’s approach is quite simply a breath of fresh air, entertaining and knowledgeable. Our keynote speaker Joy Marsden can authentically deliver high-profile results and make her audiences strive for success.

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Our keynote speaker Joy Marsden has an uncanny ability to help her clients to create winning habits that turn personal achievements into organisational success. With over 20 years of business experience in fields as diverse as a customer liaison specialist, technical textile design, project management, marketing and area sales management; Joy incorporates a powerful mix of strategy and real world insights in her work.

In organisations today people are experiencing challenge and change more than ever. Maintaining a vibrant, easy-to-work-in culture that people can thrive in is much more than a requirement; it’s a ‘must have’ if you want to retain high caliber staff.

Joy is the author of “Keep Stepping! Essential ways to lead yourself and others through challenge and change.” It contains key principles which must be mastered in order to maintain and maximise personal effectiveness when going through challenge and change.

The talented speaker Joy Marsden is working internationally, with leaders who are committed to change and ready for results. The essence of her message: Keep Stepping through challenge, engage with others effectively, stay motivated and achieve success.


The speaker Joy Marsden believes:

– Guard your heart because everything you do flows from it.

– Who you are is far more important than what you say or what you do.

– Extraordinary leadership emerges from a deep commitment within

– Every step you take, defines the person you become and shapes the work that you do

– To reach your goal you must sometimes do the things you least like doing

    Keynote by Speaker Joy Marsden

    The Keep Stepping!®

    Self-Leadership through challenge and change Leading yourself and others during turbulent times can be tricky, but great self-leadership doesn’t just happen, it requires focussed attention. Packed with practical advice and grounded in research, Joy  will share simple ways to:

    • Identify and shred the things that don’t serve you

    • Tune in and understand situations clearly

    • Position yourself for peak performance

    • Take action based on your values

    • Lead your way through challenge and change


    Keynote by Speaker Joy Marsden

    Stepping Up! Key Self-Management Skills for Customer/Client Engagement

    The competion will always be there but are you skilled in building client relationships that last and do you know why some of your client relationships don’t last? Self-management tips for leaders who care:

    • Developing a customer centred approach

    • Leveraging your strengths to strengthen customer relations

    • Four key areas you can’t ignore in customer engagement

    • Creating ‘WOW’ moments with your customers without spending more money

    • Understanding perceived value from the clients point of view


    Keynote by Speaker Joy Marsden

    Stepping Out! Self-Leadership skills for Strong Team Players

    This masterclass is not for the faint-hearted, but if you’re serious about becoming a strong team player and being part of a team that pulls in the same direction; these self-leadership skills will catapult you to a position of advantage to create stronger team dynamics.

    • Bring to the service skills that lie dormant

    • What to do when the team doesn’t gel together

    • Letting go of pride to bring out the best in others

    • Optimism is the best option, but we don’t use it at work

    • Understand what to do when working in a challenging team environment


    Keynote by Speaker Joy Marsden

    Standing Out! Self-Mastery skills for Exceptional Leaders

    Self-mastery goes far beyond using everyday leadership skills. It’s based on utilizing deeply driven values that cannot be erased and is often the backbone of any successful organisation. Self-mastery enables you to make a positive contribution both professionally and personally:

    • Ways to step up not give up in the midst of challenge

    • Why serving as a leadership style is a requirement not an option

    • Why a culture of gratitude in you and your organisation will make you stronger

    • How to engage others and create goals within the goals

    • How to leave a legacy you can be proud of

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