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Julien S. Bourrelle

Expert on Scandinavian Culture
Country: Norway

Speaker Julien Bourrelle grew up French Canadian, but he has since managed to integrate himself into several other cultures. In particular, he is an expert on Scandinavian culture with several best-selling books – and his own publishing company – on the topic.

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International keynote speaker Julien S. Bourrelle travels the world, presenting his humorous and enlightening keynotes on Scandinavian culture. He highly sought-after as an expert on Swedish and Norwegian culture – but also cultures in general. In his talks, Julien uses real-world examples to illustrate how everyday behaviors are misinterpreted and how it leads to cultural misunderstanding.


Who is Julien? Qui est Julien? Hvem er Julien? Quien es julien?

At the age of 20, Julien spoke only french and had never been outside Canada. However, his thirst for knowledge led him to study Mechanical Engineering and rocket science in five countries. These experiences across borders lit Julien’s passion for culture. He now speaks four languages and has acquired unique cultural skills which he shares in his lectures and bestselling books.

Bestselling author of “The social guidebook to Norway”​ and “The Swedes”, our speaker Julien S. Bourrelle founded his own publishing company in 2013. Mondå, Julien’s publishing company, focuses on providing books about Scandinavian culture. Not only do these books help bridge cultures – they also help Scandinavians understand how peculiar their culture is! Humour is a big part of both Julien’s speaking and writing. It provides a painless way to truly understand other cultures.


“Internationalization is not about diversity, it is about benefiting from diversity.”

Allowing yourself to see things from another person’s perspective is what makes multicultural organizations in society work well. Speaker Julien S. Bourrelle understands and embodies this idea. He is an ideal speaker for organizations looking to improve their cross cultural competencies – and looking to be entertained at the same time!


Watch speaker Julien S. Bourrelle in action here:

    Speaker Julien S. Bourrelle Keynote Topics

    • How Culture Shapes Behaviours
    • Connecting with People – The Core of Networking
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