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Kali Ilunga

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Entrepreneur, innovator & speaker

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Our keynote speaker Kali Ilunga is a young and accomplished entrepreneur and innovator with extensive experience in creating and executing on disruptive ideas. His presentations challenge managers, CEOs and individuals to source and develop the ideas that can bring swift and disruptive change.

Kali Ilunga is a 28 year old international entrepreneur and speaker whose products, services and content have helped brands across Africa participate in the new economy through viable ideas. He is the founder and CEO of SeeSayDo, a New York based tech company that uses mobile phones to disrupt the advertising industry in Emerging Markets, and the founder of Spoken Ink, a company voted #34 in South Africa’s fast growth 100 companies. Spoken Ink used mobile phones to distribute over 1 million educational downloads across Africa.

With a unique perspective on how organizations and individuals can use ideas to innovate in expedient and positively disruptive ways, Kali Ilunga has established himself as a leading authority in the fields of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. He has spoken to audiences at conferences at Harvard University and major brands based in Johannesburg, Lagos, Accra, and more. He was voted one of The Mail & Guardian’s Top 200 Young South Africans and Endeavor Accelerators’ high impact entrepreneurs. He partners with major organizations such as Microsoft, Dstv, and renowned angel investors.

As a speaker, Kali Ilunga’s easy-going and approachable style gives audiences a sense of empowerment to think imaginatively in 21st century business. He hopes to help audiences find and develop the ideas that matter in the disruptive era that he is at the very forefront of.

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    Keynote by Speaker Kali Ilunga

    Disrupt Something

    The average life-span of a Fortune 500 company is now estimated to be a mere 18 years. That means even if you have billions of dollars in reserve, a credible brand, and talented staff…disruption is going to visit your doorstep sooner or later. Industries across the world are changing in an instant with new entrants that improve the customers experience while slashing costs. At face value this is may seem ominous. However, Kali Ilunga’s keynotes and workshops demonstrate how a participatory approach to innovation can make this constant state of disruption an incredibly beneficial tool for brands, management and their bottom line. In an era where ideas matter more than ever, Kali inspires and up-skills his audience to explore, attract and develop the ideas that matter most in the 21st century business arena. Your executives, management and employees will leave feeling that not only can brands withstand a disruptive, innovation-economy; they can prosper within it.


    Keynote by Speaker Kali Ilunga

    Ideas Matter

    In the new economy viable ideas separate winners from survivors, and survivors from failures. The great news about the current digital age is that your ideas matter more than at any other time in recent history. That thought during the brainstorm, in the shower, after the run… it now has the shortest route to impacting the bottom line or meeting a business critical need. It can become feasible in a cheap and effective way. It may even facilitate the solving of a social need. Kali Ilunga uses his experience across Africa to help companies use the appropriate technology to create and develop sea-change ideas at low costs. The audience leaves challenged and equipped to search for, develop and promote the ideas that can prove business-critical.


    Keynote by Speaker Kali Ilunga

    Emerging Digital

    Emerging markets are all the rage. Popular statistics about their burgeoning young population, growth economies and mobile-savvy consumers whet the global appetite. However one must ask; who are the actual faces and what are the practical approaches bringing disruptive change to these economies? How can one use them within any organization? Kali Ilunga is armed with experience in digital brands he has led or worked with in South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania and others. He demonstrates how the appropriate technology can be used by brands to differentiate and establish themselves in their emerging markets. Whether the challenges are local, pan-African or global; Kali encourages audiences to learn how to leverage the appropriate technology for viable emerging market solutions to business challenges.

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