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Learn the benefits of a diverse workplace

Kaplan Mobray

travels from USA

Branding consultant to Fortune 500 companies, award-winning author and dynamic business speaker on diversity

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Drawing on over 15 years of experience as a successful business executive, speaker Kaplan Mobray provides insights into leadership, branding and workforce diversity. He is a consultant to Fortune 500 companies, the award-winning author of “The 10Ks of Personal Branding” and has been featured on several major American news channels.

A dynamic and inspirational speaker Kaplan Mobray is recognized as one of America’s top business speakers. As a corporate executive, Mobray led corporate marketing, advertising, brand development, and workforce diversity initiatives for Fortune 500 companies. Now, as a speaker Kaplan Mobray shares what he learned. He has received worldwide acclaim and numerous awards for his leadership and branding insights.

Kaplan is passionate about diversity in the workplace. He has served as U.S. Diversity Programs Leader at Deloitte. What’s more, Kaplan serves on the corporate advisory board of ALPFA, America’s largest Latino professional association.

Book keynote speaker Kaplan Mobray for an innovative business talk – and a life changing event. His talks are popular among professional athletes and corporates alike.

See keynotes with Kaplan Mobray

    Keynote by Speaker Kaplan Mobray

    The 10Ks Of Personal Branding

    Focusing On The Brand Called You, How to Make Yourself Memorable and Build a Brand that Elevates Your Career!

    The 10Ks of Personal Branding is an electrifying, thought provoking presentation on ten principles to help you build your personal brand. Based on Kaplan Mobray’s best-selling book The 10Ks of Personal Branding, the presentation covers such topics as: the six-second elevator speech, establishing recall, effective networking tips, and leaving a lasting impression. Audience participants will be inspired to think about themselves in a totally new way and learn techniques on how leave a positive impression that builds career success and life focus. It is a life changing event!

    Learning Objectives:

    • Create an identifiable brand that conveys who you are, how you want to be remembered and how you stand out from the crowd.
    • Define your goals and create a focused plan to achieve a personal or career objective.
    • Learn career enhancing skills that you can implement immediately such as establishing recall, effective networking methods and leaving a lasting positive impression.
    • Master the art of creating opportunities for your brand to further enhance your career success.
    • Enhance your leadership capabilities


    Keynote by Speaker Kaplan Mobray

    The 10I’s of Innovation: How to Think on Your Feet and Generate Ideas That Win!

    In today’s fast paced environment organizations are looking to get the most out of their people while providing a challenging environment that promotes growth, mobility, and learning. All too often however, leaders and employees see a drop in their productivity because of the nature of how work gets done and the need to “put out fires” in being responsive to complete multiple tasks. When leaders create a culture that rewards new ideas and fresh approaches to problem solving, they create “signature moments” that elevate the performance of their teams and increase employee satisfaction. This workshop is designed to help professionals increase the time and processes that drive innovation and growth in meeting strategic business objectives. Highly interactive, the workshop incorporates brainstorming exercises, benchmarking and improvisation techniques to help attendees bring innovation to their roles and unexpected value to their clients.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Learn how to leverage best practices from other industries to create innovative programs and events
    • Learn presentation techniques to influence clients with unconventional ideas
    • Create career enhancing skills to increase their value proposition to their organization including becoming a thought starter, influence skills, and leadership impact
    • Develop effective strategies for programs and events that increase leadership capabilities


    Keynote by Speaker Kaplan Mobray

    The 10Ls of Leadership

    Maximizing Your Leadership Qualities to become a Leader Others Want to Follow and Knowing how to lead right where you are!

    This is an inspiring workshop on ten principles to create an effective leader. Based on Kaplan Mobray’s forthcoming book, this innovative seminar takes an unconventional spin on leadership by challenging audience participants to understand their unique leadership qualities in the absence of a role or title. The presentation will challenge the audience through concepts like having a formula for vision, planning for success in succession planning, and how to really know your people. Participants will be inspired to focus on how they make choices as a leader in their daily living that drive impact and create value for others. The 10Ls is a formula for leadership success.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Improve your management skills
    • Learn how to use leadership vision to plan for success
    • Understand your leadership qualities, no matter your current position
    • Learn techniques to motivate your people
    • Become an inspired leader through listening
    • Learn how to be more accountable
      Learn succession planning strategies and effective teambuilding techniques
    • Develop techniques to increase your capacity to influence others
    • Become a better innovator with strategic thinking


    Presentation lengths

    Keynote: 60-90 minutes
    Workshops half-day and full-day workshops

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