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Karen Donaldson

travels from USA

Holistic health and happiness expert appreciated for making a healthy difference for individuals and organisations

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Keynote speaker Karen Donaldson is an award-winning holistic practitioner with over 20 years of experience helping people curb their cravings, calm the chaos in their brains, and love and accept themselves. Karen combines her strong academic background with cutting edge mind-body techniques that empower people to experience the happy and healthy lives they deserve!

“I Know What I’m Supposed To Do, So Why Can’t I Do It?”

Karen Donaldson answers this frustrating question that plagues nearly everyone trying to improve their health, decrease their stress, or just feel better.  

Whether it’s struggles with weight, money issues, relationship problems, anxiety, or just too much chaos in the brain, there is hope!  Karen leads people through amazing journeys to help them release the emotional baggage that is sabotaging them and holding them back from leading the happy lives they deserve.  

Karen has the unique gift of being able to explain complex matters of the mind and the body in ways that are fun and easy to learn.  She uses humor to inspire and motivate.  Her audiences leave with smiles on their faces, warmth in their hearts, and powerful techniques in their toolboxes.

“I’m Not Really Hungry, But I Just Need Something . . .

As a registered dietitian with advanced degrees in Microbiology and Biochemistry, Donaldson has helped thousands lose the weight AND keep it off.  Karen is the owner of EXCEL Weight Loss Solutions where she works with medical providers to provide nutrition solutions for persons struggling with health issues such as overweight and obesity, high cholesterol, insulin resistance, and diabetes.

Karen is also an emotional eating expert.  And yes, that means she knows how to eat for emotional reasons!  But she also knows how to fix that.  Karen is an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Certified Weight Loss Coach and is the co-creator of the Naturally Thin You programs with Dr. Dawson Church, founder of EFT Universe.  She helps people around the world curb their cravings and heal the issues behind their emotional eating so they can lose the weight and keep it off.   

Her best-selling book, Beat the Belly Fat Blues: Mind-Body Solutions for Permanent Weight Loss, explains why we must address the psychology behind our eating.  We eat for MANY reasons besides hunger.  Happy, sad, bored, mad – you name, we’ll eat for it!  Audiences are grateful to learn how certain foods hijack our brain chemistry – causing us to “self-medicate” with carbs or feel like we’re addicted to them – and then excited to learn how to stop that from happening.  

Donaldson is also an expert in Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the effect they have on our physical, mental, and emotional health as adults.  One of Karen’s passions is to increase awareness of the deeper core issues that cause people to use food (and other chemicals) to tranquilize their emotions.  Her powerful techniques help clients release the guilt and shame and shift into a more peaceful relationship with themselves.  She considers it an honor to help people on their healing journey.  

Are You In Fight-or-Flight Mode?

Many people live in a chronic state of fight-or-flight-or-freeze.  Fear and anxiety become their companions.  They can’t shut their brains off at night and they can’t sleep. Their blood pressure is high, their cholesterol is on the rise, and they’re storing fat – right in the belly. Lecturing them about cutting out their comfort foods (think bread, cereal, pasta, candy soda, etc.)  when they’re using them to cope with the stressors of life is simply not going to work.

There is a better way!  Karen is an expert in teaching people how to calm down “chaos brain” without food (or drugs or alcohol or shopping or whatever “vice” a person uses).  She also works with her clients and audiences to help them shift out of negative belief patterns into more positive ones that set the foundation for success in whatever aspect of life they are working on.  Her clients experience positive results with their health and weight loss, happiness in their relationships, financial abundance, and peace within themselves.

You Can’t Hate Yourself Thin, Happy, Or Healthy

Karen is also on a mission to stop the insanity when it comes to dieting and weight loss and to create a new culture filled with positive energy that nourishes the mind, body, and spirit instead of beating it up!  To that end she created her YouTube series “True Confessions on a Holistic Weight Loss Dietitian”.   She is also the host of two syndicated radio shows – EFTRadioOnLine.com and healthylifenet – where she spreads the message of kindness, gratitude, and hope.  

Donaldson is passionate about the importance of liking and loving ourselves. She reminds audiences that “you can’t hate yourself thin, happy, or healthy” and then teaches powerful tools to help them shift into a better relationship with themselves.   One of her favorite mottos is “Be as kind to yourself as you would be to your best friend”.  She is a genuinely positive and happy person and is ideal for any event which demands an inspirational and humorous speaker.  Donaldson makes learning and healing fun and audiences leave enlightened, inspired, and empowered.  


Karen is available to deliver keynote speeches at large events and for major organizations. She also is the perfect speaker for fun and engaging workshops for businesses, schools and health facilities (teaching and staff training), and private groups. Presentations can be combined for half- or full-day workshops.

See keynotes with Karen Donaldson

    Keynote by Speaker Karen Donaldson

    Beat the Belly Fat Blues!

    • Learn why we crave carbs, how they hijack our brain chemistry, and how they end up being stored in our bellies as fat!
    • Discover techniques to curb your cravings, permanently release excess weight and experience a more peaceful relationship with food.


    Keynote by Speaker Karen Donaldson

    “I Know What I’m Supposed To Do So Why Can’t I Do It?”

    • Discover how to calm the chaos in your brain and soothe your soul – without carbs!
    • If you’re struggling with weight, money, job, or relationship issues or if you’re trapped in fear and anxiety, chances are you have limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your best efforts.
    • Learn powerful techniques to help you release your emotional baggage so you can experience the happy life you deserve!


    Keynote by Speaker Karen Donaldson

    You Can’t Hate Yourself Thin, Happy, or Healthy: The Art of Positive Self-Talk

    • If you wouldn’t say it to your best friend, you shouldn’t be saying it to yourself!
    • Every cell in your body hears the thoughts you think and the words you say.
    • Discover how to talk to yourself to manifest a life of great health, happiness, and prosperity.
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