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Kathrine Aspaas

Author, Journalist and Economist
Country: Norway

With many years of experience as a journalist, economist and author, Kathrine Aspaas has made herself noticeable. Keynote speaker Kathrine Aspaas grew tired of the constant criticism in the media and set out on a mission to find generosity and kindness. Through her mission she has been able to inspire others and highlight that generosity pays!

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Kathrine Aspaas is a Norwegian journalist, economist and public speaker. Additionally she is also the author of the bestselling book “The Age of Generosity”
She has 25 years of experience as financial journalist, columnist and editorial writer in the ”New York Times” of Norway – known as “Aftenposten”.

After several years as a financial journalist, columnist and editorial writer, Kathrine Aspaas grew tired of criticism and control in the media. She set out on a long journey in order to explore generosity and kindness. This journey took her through politics, science, innovation, business and private lives, and she now remains in no doubt: we are moving towards a more peaceful and generous age. And for those that are preoccupied with the bottom line – generosity pays.

Her philosophy of vulnerability, transparency and the art of being FLAWSOME has turned into a movement in Norway. Kathrine shows a special interest in how we treat each other – and ourselves – and what motivates us. She shows others that consideration is the new efficiency.

In regards to her background Kathrine Aspaas is educated at The Norwegian School of Business and Administration, with a Masters of Science in International Affairs from The New School University in New York (2007).

Besides being a total economics and media nerd, she is also a performing musician and singer.
And a major dog-lover! Currently she he lives in Oslo with her dog, Sari.

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