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Kent Gavin

Country: UK

As a world-renowned photographer and keynote speaker Kent Gavin has made his mark as a photojournalist. Both widely trusted and respected by the British Royal family he has had the honour to witness several royal events and capture the iconic moments for the world to see. Therefore Kent Gavin has great insight in the world of photojournalism and royalty and is able to share his fascinating life story through keynote speeches.

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Kent Gavin is a renowned British photojournalist whose iconic images have been featured consistently on newspaper and magazine covers worldwide. Through his key position as Chief Photographer with the Daily Mirror, Kent had the privilege to become accepted as one of the few trusted and respected Royal photographers in Great Britain. Kent has had several different achievements throughout his career ranging from Royal experiences to working with modern photojournalism. From 10 Downing Street to the White House, and from superlative sporting images to Hollywood film sets – Kent Gavin has seen it all.

Through his relationship with the British Royal family, Kent was personally invited by the Princess of Wales to witness and record the christening of Prince William, capturing iconic images, which became famous worldwide. This was also the honored situation he found himself in, when asked to accompany the royal party on the Royal Barge at the Diamond Jubilee celebrations on the River Thames.

His experience now spans over an incredible six decades. In this time Kent has won virtually every major prize in the industry, and included in his 131 awards are ‘Press Photographer of the Year’ three times and ‘Features Photographer of the Year’.

He achieved ‘Royal Photographer of the Year’ seven times, and ‘Royal Photographer of the Decade’ twice, in the 1980′s and 1990′s. His iconic images are instantly recognized all over the world.

Kent Gavin began his photographic career forty years ago and while working as Chief Photographer for The Daily Mirror he had the privilege to become accepted as one of the few trusted and respected Royal Photographers. No other photographer even comes close to his achievements and the awards bestowed upon him by his own media colleagues.

Apart from being a fabulous photographer this success is largely due to the privilege presented him by Her Majesty the Queen, Prince Charles, Lady Diana Spencer and more recently Prince William and Kate. Kent has a truly unique collection of photography spanning more than 30 years. From some of the most iconic images of Diana through to William and Kate’s wedding he has covered the Royals at their most formal and informal.

Ken was also one of the hottest photographers on Fleet Street so he was the man sent to capture the big celebrity moments that mattered and became a friend to many of Hollywood’s biggest stars capturing iconic images.

    Speaker Kent Gavin Keynote Topics

    • Speaks about his fascinating time with the Royal family.
    • He has accompanied and photographed Diana on official trips, photographed the Queen, and attended the christening of Prince William as well as the wedding of Kate and William.
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