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Kevin Uphill

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Successful Businessman and Coach

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Our keynote speaker Kevin Uphill is a respected speaker and thought leader on business strategy and optimising mergers and acquisitions. As a coach his key focus is to facilitate change and shifts in strategy, for growth profit and shareholder value bringing confidence, clarity and energy to leadership. His specialities include Top Business Performance Coaching, Marketing and Leadership.

As a successful businessman, Kevin Uphill enables business owners to enhance equity value, maximise business sales and acquisitions via mentoring. Working with his team he is also a successful lead dealmaker through his professional practice Avondale. As well as being an M&A Mentor he runs a series of thought provoking, content rich and inspirational keynote speeches, seminars and master classes regularly endorsed internationally for creating business growth and transaction success.

Kevin has facilitated the purchase and sale of over 400 companies, is an author (Buying & Selling a Business for Wealth), successful entrepreneur, lead negotiator and wealth creator.  He combines experience, vision and the ability to simplify business complexities with infectious energy to inspire audiences and make him the most regarded and sought out business value growth, business sales, mergers and acquisitions expert.

Kevin started his career at Nat West bank. This gave him an in depth finance, mergers and acquisitions knowledge. After identifying a niche in the commercial business sales market, Kevin founded Avondale, and has led the Group to become a national firm.

Kevin has two children, lives in the UK in Surrey, and is a keen triathlete. As well as a high level of financial and commercial mastery built over 20 years as an entrepreneur and lead corporate advisor; Kevin is refreshingly creative and energetic. Through his master classes and working with his advisory team, he helps clients and organisations to create fresh perspectives, superior strategies and maximise sales, mergers and acquisitions outcomes; whilst inspiring confidence, clarity and energy.

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    Keynote by Speaker Kevin Uphill

    “Navigating the Rivers of Cash – Maximising value and Mergers and Acquisitions”

    • This is a practical ‘M&A’ workshop that aims to quickly focus business owners on how to practically understand valuations in small and mid tier companies, the current market and what influences value.
    • The session then looks in more depth at how business owners can look at strategy in shareholder value terms as opposed to just profit drivers, and thus understand where to shift their focus and leadership to create positive growth and enhance business value.
    • As well as business strategy the workshop touches on the role of the Managing Director, rather than just business theory.
    • To finish the session he will look at how owners can manage the divestment process and best practice to maximise value through the process including technical deal structure and negotiation aspects.
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