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Kilian Wawoe

travels from Netherlands

Consultant and Human Resource Specialist

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Keynote speaker Kilian Wawoe is a professional in the sections of human resources and banking. His moral integrity motivated him to leave the private bank sector and to reflect on money and happiness. He fascinates his audience with delightful talks about the important things of life.

Human Resources Expert with knowledge of Banking

Kilian studied organizational psychology and completed a bank traineeship. This gave him the possibility to become a successful human resource manager at ABN-AMRO Private Banking in Monaco.

At this point of his career, he started to ask a question that he still works on today: “does money make you happy and does money make you perform”?

This question inspired him to get in touch with his former University, where he started a study project and wrote his PhD. In consequence of moral doubts that arose during his PhD about the the risk of bonuses, he left the bank in 2010. He wrote a bestseller on his experiences during the banking crisis called “Bonus: a Dutch bankers tells his story”.

Currently, he teaches at a Dutch University and works as a human resources consultant for Banks across the globe and public speaker.

As a speaker Kilian is passionate about the topics of money, happiness and work performance. He shows his audience how individuals can find their balance between tangibles and intangible values. He inspires to reflect and gives refreshing ideas, which delight his audience.

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    Speaker Kilian Wawoe Keynote Topics

    • Money and happiness
    • Money and job performance
    • Lessons learned from the banking crisis in Human Resources
    • Banking
    • Economic crisis

Interview with Kilian Wawoe

Can you provide 3 points about what lessons human resources have learned from the economic crisis?

  • First, that people in organizations behave in the way you ask them to do. So if you incentive them to sell a lot a products, that is what they will do. You get what you pay for.
  • Second. But what if the orders from above do not make sense? The crisis has tough us that mistakes are made on management level. Managers were taking risk, and instructed their staff to take risk too.
  • Third. like animals we live in herds. So we compare ourselves with others in the herd. Not outside. In other words, bankers do not think they made any mistakes, because they compare themselves with other bankers. The same applies for salaries. Bankers do not think they are making a lot of money.

How are money, work performance and happiness connected?

Money leads to better performance when the employee knows what to do, but is not motivated intrinsically to do it.  Money does not lead to better performance when there is a lack of competence. So bonuses work well for unskilled jobs. They do not work for high skilled jobs (which is 90% in our economy).

More or less the same applies for the money-happiness relation. People who do not have a lot of money, become happy when you give them extra. If your basic needs are fulfilled, there is no extra happiness.

How do audiences gain from your keynote presentations?

Everybody has their ideas on Money-Happiness and Money-Performance relationship. However, these relationships are complex. A simple yes or no will not work. The audience will really understand the theory behind these things, and I want to give them something practical: how can you apply this at your work tomorrow.

How do you prepare for speaking engagements?

I have two fears: traffic and beamers. So I am always very early and walk to the beamer artistically….

Do you have a favorite experience from your speaking career?

My finest hours were when I spoke at TEDx in Holland. This was really a lot of preparation because I had no room to correct mistakes.

See keynotes with Kilian Wawoe
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