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Executive coach Kim Scott inspires leaders to finish work fair and fast

Kim Scott

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Kim Scott speaks on topics related to business development and workplace innovation. Listeners are inspired by her energetic keynotes, which encourage audiences to create equitable and fair work environments.

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As the co-founder of an education company for executives, Scott has worked with some iconic businesses. Providing consulting services to Twitter, Qualtrics, and Dropbox, the entrepreneur helps leaders to develop candid workplace cultures with caring professional relationships. The premise behind Scott's philosophy is that it is possible for company leaders to maintain productivity while retaining humanity. Scott and business partner Trier-Lynn Bryant launched Just Work, LLC to spread this notion to executives and individuals throughout the globe. Encouraging executives to implement feedback-first cultures, the popularity of Scott's methodology is being adopted across the globe.

Why you should book Kim Scott for your next event

  • Audiences are entertained by Scott’s comedic and energetic keynote, which is filled with insightful anecdotes and advice for improving workplace cultures. Leveraging her Silicon Valley experience, she offers listeners the opportunity to view a business through the lens of employees’ eyes.
  • Offering crucial strategies for building candid and effective channels for employee feedback, Scott helps leaders develop fair and equitable modern work environments.
  • Scott’s popular books, Just Work and Radical Candor, offer readers steps for implementing organizational change.

Kim Scott helps leaders transform internal cultures with feedback from employees. Scott encourages radical shifts in how to do business. Corporations that implement Scott’s strategies have found success. During the course of her career, she’s led Google teams, including DoubleClick, YouTube, and AdSense. She’s also served as a member of the Apple University faculty.

Her book, entitled Just Work, encourages executives to root out workplace bullying, bias, and prejudice to build strong and equitable internal cultures. As co-creator of the executive education firm Just Work, LLC, Scott travels the globe to spread the message that it’s possible to build high-performing teams in an equitable environment.

Scott’s other business Radical Candor, LLC helps executives and individuals to develop better work relationships and perform well in complex organizational structures. The company’s premise is based upon Scott’s best seller, Radical Candor. Launched with co-creator Jason Rosoff, the business includes a professional team of motivators who help transform business cultures. The business offers digital courses, virtual presentations, and keynotes to cultivate candid and caring work environments.

Her strategies for implementing employee feedback serve as the catalyst for business transformation. As the CEO coach for numerous tech companies, including Qualtrics, Twitter, and Dropbox, Scott leverages decades of experience to help businesses implement employee-first policies. By building candid and caring relationships in the workplace, executives strengthen trust and improve productivity.

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  • Workplace Innovation
  • Business development
  • Workplace cultures
  • Employee-first policy
  • Equity
  • New Thinking and Innovation
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