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Kit and McConnel

Make your event unforgettable with two professional cabaret after-dinner entertainers
Country: UK

The entertaining after-dinner duo Kit and McConnel are ready to bring life and energy into any corporate event. The two cabaret singers have amazing chemistry that shines through on stage and their shows always receive standing ovations and incredible feedback. If you’re looking for someone to kick-start your event or end it with a bang, Kit and McConnel are the entertainers you need.

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Why you should book Kit and McConnel

  • Kit and McConnel are two talented musicians and entertainers with original and personalised content and cabaret songs. They create completely unique shows that have everyone on the floor laughing.
  • Both of them have studied theatre and have been doing comedy, music and performing for decades. Their professionalism means you’ll always feel in safe hands, and of course you’re guaranteed a night of fun.

Cabaret singers Kit and McConnel have worked together for several years. After McConnel dropped out of Royal College of Music where he studied organ, piano, flute and composition, he traveled around the world and performing and playing the piano at bars, clubs and hotels. Once he returned to England, he met Kit who, as luck would have it, was looking for a composer to collaborate with him on a musical. Since then, they have collaborated on several musicals and have won multiple awards for their talents.

Kit and McConnel perform at corporate and private events. They always bring their A-game and customize their performance to fit your needs and sense of humour. Whatever the occasion is, these two cabaret singers can promise a unique and humorous event. All their shows are customized but below are examples of typical arrangements.

    Show by Kit and McConnel

    After-Dinner Show

    • Let Kit and McConnel deliver a customized after-dinner show for your guests. Provide them with fun or embarrassing facts about the attendees or hosts beforehand and watch a unique and hilarious show unfold, full of inside jokes and catchy songs.

    Show by Kit and McConnel

    End of Conference

    • Is there a better way of ending a conference than with lots of humour and entertainment? Make your conference unforgettable and unique by having Kit and McConnel end it with a bag. You’ll get a special song and performance that perfectly sums up the conference and topics.

    Show by Kit and McConnel

    Full-Length Theatrical Show

    • If you’re looking for a laugh and a show that will bring your event to the next level, look no further. Kit and McConnel are professional performers and actors and will present your audience with a captivating show that won’t soon be forgotten.
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