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Lars Christiansen

travels from Denmark

Handball Expert

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Lars Christiansen's keynotes are characterized by great commitment and high entertainment value. They are inspiring to people no matter who they are. Lars is a very charismatic profile that manages to ignite recognition and trust among his participants. Keynote speaker Lars Christiansen's presentations are the kind that stimulate great laughs and tears and inspire audience members.

Since his exit from the international handball arenas in 2012, Lars Christiansen has positioned himself as one of the most prominent Danish sports profiles, that really has managed to transform his experiences as an athlete into something extremely relevant for audiences. His entertaining, honest and motivational keynotes have become extremely popular in Denmark.

In addition to the significant sport merits he has received, he is also known for his humour and his always entertaining comments – an athlete with a meaning and an edge.

Even as a young player, he acquired the title “World’s Best”. For a period of 20 years he scored 1503 goals in 338 A-matches, which is a Danish record. For most of his career he played in Flensburg-Handewitt. Here the opposing goalies found themselves passed by up to 3996 times by Lars’ quirky shots. He was appointed as “citizen of the year” in Schleswig Holstein, and after his exit from the German handball club the square around the clubhouse was renamed Lars Christiansen’s Square.

Today, Lars is a well sought after keynote speaker and handball expert.

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    Speaker Lars Christiansen Keynote Topics

    Take yourself seriously

    • When Lars Christiansen was 13 years old his mother said to him that he had to take himself seriously if he wanted to achieve something in his life. Lars took the message to heart.
    • He decided that he wanted to play handball on the national team. He did not just dream about it, because he was determined to become the best handball player, and be the one who would decide the big matches.
    • Lars made the dream a reality and became one of the greatest Danish athletes.
    • Whether the target audience is young people or adults, this keynote is a simple reminder that we, as humans, employees and managers should never forget to take ourselves seriously.
    • No matter where in life we are, whether there are highs or lows, we must be persistent in a constructive dialogue with ourselves. Recognize that we have the power to change our own life.
    • The old cliché is still relevant: “Take yourself seriously – otherwise you can not expect anyone else to do it.”


    When truth be told

    • At the end of 2013 Lars Christiansen’s published his book “When truth be told.” In an open and honest talk with the same title, Lars Christiansen talks about the success and the failures that his life has offered.
    • Lars’ success as a handball player was huge. But despite the huge success, Lars still struggled with anxiety and stress.
    • In this keynote, he explains the anxiety he experienced at the end of his active career.
    • He talks about why and how he has then risen again.
    • Despite a serious content Lars still keeps a positive atmosphere, and his stories always have lots of fun and inspiring anecdotes.
    • The positive feedback from both keynote buyers and participants has been overwhelming for Lars.


    Motivation and happiness

    • Based on his own experiences as an individual player on good teams, Lars focuses on the importance of taking responsibility for his own motivation and joy in everyday life.
    • It is natural that we run into periods, where joy and motivation are further away than normal.
    • In this keynote Lars inspires his participants on how to effectively “pull themselves together”, so the difficult periods are not unnecessarily long.
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