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Lowri Morgan

Motivational Speaker, Ultra-Endurance Marathon Runner & TV Presenter
Country: UK

Speaker Lowri Morgan is  award-winning TV presenter. She is an ultra-endurance marathon runner and known for her many adventures and extreme races. As a motivational speaker she talks about self-belief and life with no limits.

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“My passion for pushing my physical and mental boundaries is an emotion too strong to ignore”

Only few people have completed the 6633 Ultra Marathon, and speaker Lowri Morgan is one of them. Known as one of the hardest ultra-endurance marathons, Lowri pushed her boundaries and survived temperatures of minus 72 celsius and 70 mph winds.

As a child Lowri was in an accident and was told she would never be able to run again. Despite this, Lowri was determined to fight and never give up, and now running is part of who she is. In 2009, she finished in the top 10 of her first ever ultra marathon The Jungle Marathon in the Amazon. In 2016, she became the first person to run from North to South Wales via the country’s highest peaks and mountains in 60 hours.

As an award-winning TV presenter, speaker Lowri Morgan has seen a bit of everything. She is one of 80 people to dive down to The Titanic wreck and has in the last 5 years presented documentaries about the lives of local tribes in Namibia, China, Morocco, Mexico and Peru.

Lowri Morgan is a truly inspirational keynote speaker and presenter who knows determination and motivation.

    Speaker Lowri Morgan Keynote Topics

    • Motivation
    • Endurance Adventuring
    • Inspiration
    • Never giving up
    • Pushing Boundaries
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