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Lynn Leahy

Director and Counsellor
Country: UK

Lynn Leahy is an award winning speaker with more than 25 years of experience. Keynote speaker Lynn Leahy enables teams to achieve results, helping leaders understand more about key building blocks for high performance teams, how teams handle difficult situations and how to build their resilience. Her popular talks and programs have been used by organisations all over the world who wish to optimize and improve teams.

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Keynote speaker Lynn Leahy is a talented and experienced Director with a successful track record in growing and developing organisations. Her expertise lies in gaining people’s respect, facilitating their development and creating democratic, empowered teams that are able to achieve results. She has more than twenty eight years’ experience as a learning facilitator and coach.

Tenacious speaker Lynn Leahy has worked with people at every level in teams in more than twenty countries across four continents. She has helped many of them initiate and successfully implement significant cultural change. Lynn is an accredited mediator and a trained counsellor who draws on a range of psychotherapeutic approaches in her work – including gestalt, NLP, transactional analysis, and the psychodynamic approach.


Key Achievements

International Speaker – Lynn Leahy has won 8 awards. The latest in 2017 was with Vistage International as an “outperformer” for her work with their network of more than 1,000 CEO’s across the UK. In 2016 she was given a special award by Vistage for going “Above and Beyond” as a speaker.  In 2014 she was voted “International Speaker of the Year” by The Executive Connection in Australia for her work with their network of more than 1,500 CEO’s across Australia.  In April 2013 Lynn was invited to speak at the HR Summit in Singapore on Emotionally Intelligent Leadership to an audience of 700+ and invited to return in 2015 to speak on Multi-Generational Leadership.

Managing Change – Lynn Leahy is experienced in implementing and managing change whilst motivating teams to develop new ways of working, both in her own team whilst a Director of Oakridge and in external businesses. For example Lynn was the project leader for a major Managing Change initiative for Unilever which was delivered to over 1,600 delegates in 19 countries.

Business Development – Lynn Leahy significantly contributed to the growth of Oakridge – the company she co-founded.  Turnover grew from zero to over a million (£) and this was achieved simply by organic growth (there with no external investment).

Customer Interface –  Exceptional track record of achieving customer satisfaction and loyalty. Oakridge when under Lynn’s joint leadership received 18 “excellent” and 5 “world class” ratings when bench-marked against other UK training providers by an independently led customer survey.

    Speaker Lynn Leahy Keynote Topics

    • Building High Performance Teams
    • Handling Conflict Effectively
    • Influencing and Handling Difficult Situations
    • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
    • Coaching
    • Mentoring
    • Enhancing Emotional Intelligence
    • Building Resilience
    • Managing Stress in Self and Others
    • Creating Great Relationships
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