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Marc Koska

Social Entrepreneur, Innovator and Contributor to Global Health Care
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Marc Koska helped to save over 14 million lives worldwide. His moving life journey of persistency, fighting against ignorance and a revolution for safer medical treatment in the world make him an outstanding motivational speaker.

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A missionary to global healthcare

Marc is a successful businessman, who is driven by a mission. He wants to raise awareness for problems and improve the health standard in the world. With the development of his revolutionary disposable syringe, the iconic K-1 syringe, the world’s first ‘auto disable’ syringe for the curative market, he has accomplished a lot already.

Nearly two decades after inventing the iconic K-1 syringe, Marc has worked with the World Health Organisation. He instigated their only third ever global health initiative – a mandate on needle safety, which will end the blight of 1.3 million deaths a year due to dirty needs and hundreds of millions of dollars wasted on avoidable illness and cross-infections. Marc is one of the best health innovators of today’s world.

He has been honoured with the Innovation Health Award by The Tech Awards – an international awards programme that honours innovators from around the world who are applying technology to benefit humanity, as well as The Economist Innovation Award for Social and Economic Innovation – making him one of the best health innovators in the world today. Marc is a highly motivational and charismatic speaker, someone who has fought ignorance, bureaucracy and vested interest every step of the way to create a highly successful and dynamic company, and whose sole motivation is to save lives by eradicating the spread of a killer virus.

Marc’s genuine lack of financial motivation is inspirational, moving and an admirably unique quality rarely seen in a thriving entrepreneur. Marc is an accomplished After Dinner, Keynote and Motivational Speaker – with a colourful 25 years under his belt, a wealth of anecdotes he will enhance any event.

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