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Marcel Bullinga

Trend watcher, futurist, and speaker
Country: Netherlands

Are you futureproof? What will the world look like in 2025? These are some of the questions that Marcel Bullinga, one of the world’s leading futurists and trend watchers, seeks to answer in his humorous, fascinating and highly interactive keynotes.

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Marcel Bullinga started his career as an internet pioneer. Today, he is renowned in the world of tech, futurism, and innovation as a leading trend watcher, futurist, and speaker, who entertains questions like: Will we still be working in offices in 10 years? What challenges will governments face in the digital future? What role will technology play in education? Are robots taking over? Are robots our friends? These are some of the questions that Marcel Bullinga addresses in his keynotes about the future.

Marcel Bullinga is a member of three tech and futurism think tanks and author of several books. His latest, “Welcome to the Future Cloud” seeks to answer the question: what will the world look like in 2025? In it, Marcel Bullinga predicts that in 2025, we will be living in a 100 percent virtual world – in the sense that the whole world will be right inside our living rooms and offices. In this regard, his motto “Do it Yourself, Do it Local” refers to the idea that globalization will decrease, leaving us in charge of our own lives. We will produce our own cars and houses, and the sun will play a big role in this. Our energy and economic systems will have changed completely. We will pick everything from ‘the Cloud’ just like we pick apples from a tree.

In the past 20 years, Marcel Bullinga has given hundreds of presentations for renowned clients from governments and companies around the world. He runs workshops and masterclasses, and is also ideal as a moderator or panelist in debates about the technology and future trends. Marcel Bullinga tailors his keynotes and presentations to fit the needs of any group, but always maintains his characteristic fascinating, interactive, and humorous style in his groundbreaking predictions about the world of the future. 

    • Are you futureproof?

    • The future of work and economy

    • The future of education

    • Governments of the future

    • The future of energy

    • Future Mobility

    • The future of healthcare

    • Sustainability

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