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Mario Chamorro

Happiness Ambassador and International Speaker
Country: USA

Keynote speaker Mario Chamorro is an inspirational person that has the ability to create happiness around him. In 2004, Mario left Colombia and moved to Boston to learn english and work. A few years later and a lot of hard work resulted in a Master’s degree from Columbia University and a new chapter in Mario’s incredible journey.

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Mario Chamorro serves as a Delivering Happiness ambassador and speaker and is also the founder and Chief Happiness Officer of Make it Happy, a social venture dedicated to the prioritization of sustainable happiness in our work, our communities, and our governments across the globe. His family calls him “Happy Man,” the media calls him the “Happiness Ambassador,” and one of his mentors calls him the “Johnny Apple Seed of Happiness.”

Mario, a radical optimist, community organizer, and happiness prankster, grew up next to an active volcano in Pasto, Colombia. In 2004 he left Colombia, moved to Boston, and learned English while waiting tables, parking cars, and teaching salsa lessons. A few years of hard work and good faith resulted in a Master’s degree from Columbia University. He has held several positions on Wall Street, worked as an energy consultant in Boston, and organized anti-corruption programs in Colombia.

Today, Mario Chamorro serves as an international ambassador for happiness who has spread smiles across three continents and swapped stories with politicians, former guerrilla combatants, and countless community leaders. His work with Make it Happy has touched millions of lives in the private and public sectors. Mario has presented at TEDx events internationally, given a talk at Google Headquarters, spoken before a U.N. panel on happiness, built workshops for socially conscious corporations, coordinated major grassroots activations in the streets of cities worldwide, and mobilized student groups and universities around the globe.

As of today, Mario’s initiatives have touched the lives of 95,000 people and have generated 70 million media impressions in 31 countries.

For more information – check out Mario Chamorro at TEDxWilliamsburg

    Speaker Mario Chamorro Keynote Topics

    • Personal Energy
    • Happiness
    • Conscious Corporations
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