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Mario Pilozzi

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Former CEO of Wal-Mart Canada

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Former CEO of Wal-Mart Canada and keynote speaker Mario Pilozzi is a business legend. He led the company through one of Canada’s most successful business transformations and into a period of unprecedented growth. With his unique and ample management experience, Mario Pilozzi understands the importance of good company culture. As he says: “People are the common denominator to every organization.”

The son of an immigrant family, Mario Pilozzi spent his entire career in retail. He began by stocking shelves at Woolworth’s in Montreal as a teenager, and worked his way up through almost every job in the company, earning a series of positions in both Woolworth and Woolco. At the time of the Wal-Mart takeover, he was Vice President in charge of merchandise. He was then promoted to the top merchandising position before being tapped to lead the entire Canadian Wal-Mart team.

As CEO Mario Pilozzi led the Wal-Mart team through one of Canada’s most renowned business turnarounds, presiding during a period of unprecedented expansion and growth that tripled the size of the workforce and created a fiercely loyal customer base for the company. Under Mario Pilozzi’s leadership, Wal-Mart Canada spearheaded a new supply-chain dynamic that would go on to change the face of Canadian retail.

Mario Pilozzi now works with a number of overseas divisions of Walmart who call upon him for his management knowledge and retail expertise. He spends much of his time in Brazil, Peru, China and Mexico. Mario Pilozzi is a an ICD graduate of the Rotman School of Business and is the first non-American to receive the Sam M. Walton Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the company’s highest honour.

Known for its meteoric growth, efficient distribution, and powerful customer attraction, Walmart is a company that business owners and managers want to learn from. Who better to teach them this than the former CEO of Wal-Mart Canada? Mario’s presentations are filled with powerful content and great stories that resonate with his audiences and include a no-holds-barred Q & A session that is lively and informative and a highlight of every presentation.

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    Keynote by Speaker Mario Pilozzi

    Learning from the Best

    • From human resources to supply chain to greening, Wal-Mart has a record that many organizations envy and want to learn from. Who better to tell this story than the former CEO whose team led the company through its unprecedented growth, Mario Pilozzi? This is a speech for organizations that want to sell to, compete with, emulate, differentiate from and otherwise learn from the Wal-Mart experience. This is a lively speech, filled with stories and examples that many in the audience will recognize or identify with.


    Keynote by Speaker Mario Pilozzi

    Changing the Culture of an Organization

    • In this speech Pilozzi talks about the difference. After Wal-Mart Canada bought Woolco, he and his team turned that troubled discount chain into a powerhouse, using the same management, the same locations, and the same suppliers. “We did it by changing the culture of the organization” says Pilozzi. With the new culture came a sense of responsibility, an accountability, an entrepreneural spirit and a new focus.  Pilozzi shares his teams’ experiences in impleminting the culture change that made the difference.


    Keynote by Speaker Mario Pilozzi

    Balancing Corporate Profits and Corporate Responsibility

    • Mario Pilozzi, former CEO of Wal-Mart, provides an engaging talk on corporate responsibility from the point of view of the corporation. The audience will learn how decisions are made at the executive level; they will hear about how management balances its responsibility to society, shareholders, employees and suppliers. Using specific examples, Pilozzi shows how the company became involved in the Juno Beach Memorial and how the greening of Wal-Mart affects the bottom line.
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